Sunday, August 26, 2012

Look what the cat sicked up

Iffen you go 19.50 of this link's audio and listen for a little bit you will actually hear New Zild Right-wing hack, Matthew Hooton say "liberal, elite, anti-western pro-taliban people".  Thus we see the emptiness of new Zealand politics exposed, as it were, to the harsh light of WTF.
Who is Matthew Hooton? You might say in a perfectly reasonable case of never having being exposed to his verbal slurpees before. Why, he is the tactical genius who was outed by investigative journalist (I assume that is some sort of journalist, who knows?) Nicky Hagar in his book "The Hollow Men" which detailed the perfidy at the top of the NZ National Party in 2006. Hagar deals to his whining about that episode here
But, of course Hooton is a rightwing hack so he gets to keep ranting on national radio and, Lord save me, can make interesting points.
But get him onto the usual list of Climate change, welfare, education, overseas war or islamocommiefacsism and he taxis up the runway to wingnut take off zone.
What is it with these bozos that they are unable to see the laughing stock they make of themselves? Does he really think that they are cells of Liberal elitist, pro Taliban personages living false lives (in the Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn, he specifically says in the audio FFS) whilst they scheme for the downfall of Western Civilisation. Well obviously, he does or else why say it on national radio? Pissing off liberals? Making them laugh more likely.
But really, PRO_TALIBAN!!!??? WHO THE FUCK WOULD THEY KILL FIRST? THE FUCKING LIBERALS THAT"S WHO! YOU FUCKING MORON HOOTON. Your right wing arsehole friends would join them to oppress anyone that wasn't like them too.
Ooh that felt good. I shall share it on Facebook.


mikey said...

It's weird.

Everyone hates liberals and atheists, but that doesn't prevent anyone from assigning liberals and atheists to alliances that would be laughable except, as I believe I mentioned previously, EVERYONE hates liberals and atheists.

You can say liberals and atheists are responsible for any kind of criminality or perfidy. It's like accusing Julian Assange of Treason without realizing he's not an American Citizen. It's just applying hate without thought, in a tea bagger approach to political madness..

Another Kiwi said...

Catholic Atheist Liberal Stormfront members, sound off!!

Smut Clyde said...

It's the "Objectively pro-fascist" idea. People who disagree with me, whatever their stated political allegiance, are effectively WORKING FOR EVIL by the very fact that they disagree with me.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Shroomofascists are the worst.

I'll check that one tomorrow, S.C. It is (or was?) right outside the basement door. But it's been raining cats and dogs...

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Your right wing arsehole friends would join them to oppress anyone that wasn't like them too.

It's the "narcissism of small differences". The only problem right-wingers have with the Taliban is that they call their Authoritarian Sky Monster by the wrong name.

Substance McGravitas said...

Well atheism is a religion too you know.