Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Charter or something.

Minutes of the Riddled and Old Entomologist Charter Study Group.
Mr. Greenish Hugh opened the meeting and welcomed everyone to the meeting, even Throgmorton Portcullis. Mr Portcullis replied that it was a stink meeting.
Mr. Greenish Hugh vouchsafed that the picture that had been found in an old workman's lunchbox had been ascertained to be the earliest representation of the Riddled and Old Entomologist Charter as set out by the earliest known meeting of the ROE joint committee in 2009.
Mr Another Kiwi added that old workmen were always nicking stuff. He had seen workmen emptying a house just last week.
Mr. Smut  Clyde said that some workmen were called house movers and sometimes people paid them to move stuff when people were moving to another house.
Ms. tigris opined that the charter showed that Riddled was to be fearless in attacking the wealthy and privileged though she hadn't thought that snakes were actually very privileged. Ms Evangeline van Holsterin opined that Riddled was the half a pig thing that the snake had eaten and that the Old Entomologist was the beautiful and strong eagle called Wind Rider coming to save the day.
 Mr. Smut Clyde said that 1/2 a pig would be all right because you can make brawn out of the head and feet.
 Mr Another Kiwi asked where the bacon was in a pig since it would be no good getting the wrong end. He further noted that he had never seen a part of pig labelled bacon in his Anatomy of Common Farm Animals books that his Dad had got through the Miss Busty Library Club in 1967.
Mr. Greenish Hugh said he felt this would lead to unproductive discussion and people banging on about the old days.
Throgmorton Portcullis said that this was a stink meeting.
Mr Smut Clyde said that he had felt that there was a part of the charter that was about the tea-room biscuits and that it would be good to have this clarified as there had been a significant breach in the type of biscuits provided lately.
Mr. Another Kiwi noted that he had bought the biscuits from a supplier in good faith and had felt that Chocolate Hob Nubs was close enough.
Mr Smut Clyde noted that Space Time Eddie had gone all "Hello trees, hello flowers" for two days after having one of the aforementioned biscuits.
Throgmorton Portcullis said that it was not his problem and  that the Hospital had stopped buying those biscuits a long time ago. Mr Another Kiwi noted that Space Time Eddie had managed to fix the TV aerial whilst he had been under the influence and now they got SKY. He further noted that the snooker was on soon.
Further discussion was delayed because that wretched Graeme Dott was playing that nice Rory McLeod.

Thanks to the esteemed Smut Clyde for the image.


ckc (not kc) said...

I guess the agenda was hidden

Substance McGravitas said...

Yessir, if you dumped it all out on the floor that looks somewhat like that last bowl of pho.

Snakes don't make good noodles.

Smut Clyde said...

Over at the Mekong House-of-Soup they are quite insistent that there is no Ty Pho on the menu. I do not understand it.

M. Bouffant said...

So it was a stink meeting then?

Not-a-robot sez:
gretums well

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Ancient drone technology: Trained snake-bird teams drop half a rhinoceros on your house.

mikey said...

The pig seems to be screaming as he (making a gender assumption here because the key bits aren't available for examination) plummets to earth.

Memo to the pig. Look over your butt (that's a shoulder in pig-english, not to confused with Utt-Bay, which, as we all know, is shoulder in pig-latin) and you'll notice you have a MUCH more serious problem than just impending impact.

As none other than the sainted Ronald Reagan said all those eons ago, "where's the rest of you?"...

tigris said...

Say what you will about how great Imperi-yak's logo is or how great the meal was("Surprise of Pork"), I will not approve another charter with an airline that loses half of a pig. ESPECIALLY considering it was a carry-on.

tigris said...

It's GRRRRREAT. Jesus.

anne said...

"smut , there is a book shop here , hadn't thought of it in a while , but we wandered by on the weekend on our first very long summer walk here , have a look ..if you type in ..monkey's paw /press bookshop ,tor. should be able to find something of it on line .. tell me what you think /i'll put this on your pging in comments... as well "

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

The half a pig looks tasty, but I'm holding out for a snake snack.

El Manquécito said...

This depiction of the Tenochtitlan founding myth, associating the eagle and serpent with a cleaved cleft-hooved dog is obviously Tlaxcalan propaganda.