Saturday, February 28, 2015

Gimp Masks of the Illuminati

Alternative title:

Owned by the Baron And he's got the cure
A drug by the name of World Without End

At grave personal risk of slow service at the Old Entomologist if we incur the displeasure of chief barmaid Evangeline van Holsterin, we have repeatedly warned other laboratories against buying cheap supplies from her vile nephew Throgmorton, even or especially if they "fell off the back of an ambulance". Did anyone heed our warnings? DID THEY BOGROLL. Now we read this:
Investigators from MHRA carried out an unannounced inspection of a production site in Milton, Cambridgeshire, after the medicines regulator in Guernsey raised concerns in relation to the product. The blood plasma starting material being used to make this drug stated “Not to be administered to humans or used in any drug products”. It was concluded that the production site does not meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and there are concerns over the sterility of the medicine being produced and the equipment being used. There are concerns that the product may be contaminated.
These products may pose a significant risk to people’s health. Not only were the manufacturing conditions unacceptable but the originating material was not suitable for human use. GcMAF products labelled as ‘First Immune’ are not licensed medicines and have not been tested for quality, safety or effectiveness...
The story was also reported at Cambridge-News, a newspaper with a small enough and sufficiently selective readership that the easiest way for its journalists to describe a location is by triangulation from the nearest pub.

Having learned from bitter experience not to put Open Mike in charge of the nutrient fluids of the Vatgrown Godmeat facility, we can relate to the concerns that the laboratory head is primarily qualified in brewing. I for one will not be drinking his home-brew.*

But we seem to have buried the lede here, as sometimes happens at Riddled (we honestly believed that it was dead already!). The lede being David Noakes, Euro-truther, also CEO of Guernsey-based company Immuno Biotech and distributor of GcMAF, Wonder Cancer-Curing Drug that Doctors Don't Want You to Know About.

David Noakes is not so much an "EU-skeptic" as a "UK-skeptic", or even a UK-denialist. He dwells on Guernsey for tax reasons in preference to the UK which "ceased to exist in 2009"

Noakes has a Scrabbled political career, which is like a chequered career, only more colourful. In 2007 he was condemning the entire UK Independence Party (UKIP) as corrupt, and infiltrated, and (like the other parties) just another mask of the Illuminati,. He had previously stood in the 2005 UK Election as a candidate for the UKIP, and in 2006 he springboarded from his triumphant loss to contest the UKIP leadership, so quite likely he knows whereof he speaks. Erstwhile colleagues farewelled him in valedictory tones. As any fule kno, "Swivel-eyed" has long been a term of endearment in English political rhetoric, ever since the viking depredations of Sigurd the Swivel-Eyed and his sons Ragnar the Wall-Eyed and Thorkel the Totally Troll-Eyed. I am not sure how "mad as a box of frogs" acquired its affectionate connotations.

Anyway, at the Riddled Research Institute and Mad Scientist Anti-Defamation League we are more interested in Noakes' parallel career in oncology. Originally he was distributing sodium dichloroacetate a.k.a. DCA as the previous Wonder Cancer-Curing Drug that Doctors Don't Want You to Know About, but he switched over to GcMAF around 2010.

Immuno Biotech has a number of online outlets of the form 'www.GcMAF.XX' in some European and Asian countries and 'www.firstimmune.XX' in others, not to mention 'www.immunocentre.XX'. More recently they have opened a version for pet illnesses, which is good news if your pet peef is unwell.**
Blind eyes, turned
There is a growing literature of good reports for GcMAF, many of them squeezed out through pay-to-print mockademic journals where the editors turn a swivelled blind eye to questions of "conflicts of interest". One series of papers has become a recurring feature at Retraction Watch, owing to the author's inability to demonstrate that his experimental subjects actually exist.***

You will be shocked to learn that there are unscrupulous people coasting on the hard graft of Immuno Biotech and purveying "second-generation GcMAF". Noakes does not rate for the dubious Saisei-Mirai material -- it is expensive, of questionable provenance, and has not undergone proper checks for safety or efficacy. The Saisei-Mirai clinic is run by one Dr Inui, author of most of the papers on GcMAF which weren't written by Yamamoto or Noakes or Ruggiero. There was also the Dutch / Belgian Bio Group Laboratories Initiative, who stopped deliveries a few years ago while switching from a website to Facebook. Noakes did vouch for Jim Tassano as the other producer of reputable and non-competing GcMAF, but Tassano -- another one-time DCA distributor, and pesticide salesman by day -- has fallen silent, suppressed by the Illuminati FDA.
The National Westminster Bank succumbed last year to pressure from their Illuminati masters and announced that they no longer wanted to handle Noakes' accounts, on the specious grounds that they are based in the UK, a country which no longer exists. On the other hand, Noakes would be a welcome addition to Riddled Research Laboratory. Meanwhile his colleague Ruggiero has just co-published with bleach-enema impresario Jim Humble, while CFS-grifter Judy Mikowits has jumped aboard the FAILwagon. With friends like that, who needs the NatWest, or the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, or the Guernsey press?
Thx Jeffrey Beall, Retraction Watch, anonymous informant
* A few summers ago I was wandering around London at the time of a soccer World Cup, and all the sports bars had signs in the window advertising "Large Plasma Inside". So I would slouch in and ask for a large plasma, but the bar staff would look askance and become uncooperative.

** There are precedents in the earlier enthusiasm for DCA.
a man named Jim Tassano decided that he would sell “pet DCA” to treat cancer in pets. Tassano fooled no one, of course; people were not buying DCA to treat their dogs. His real purpose was to take advantage of desperate cancer patients, some of whom flocked to his website to purchase what he claimed to be pharmaceutical grade DCA
*** Yamamoto works through the Socrates Institute for Therapeutic Immunology, whose tax records show it to spend $$$ on reporting research results through publications and conferences but none on performing the research.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Bleach enemas? Great googly-moogly! One of the "also purchased" items at that page is "food-grade diatomaceous earth"- pica for peckishness?

This is even crazier than Gwyneth Paltrow's vulva-steaming.

Smut Clyde said...

It's madness all the way down, BBBB.

H. Rumbold, Master Barber said...

Office block? What office block?

Yastreblyansky said...

Having learned from bitter experience

To say nothing of the mild experiences and the still more relevant stout ones.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Open Mike always overhops, Yastreblyansky.

Smut Clyde said...

Yastreblyansky saw the incider humour.

rhwombat said...

It's not really his fault. Anyone could have told Smut that male Macropus rufus make lousy brewers, but he can't tell the difference between a Procoptodon and a Petrogale. I blame the water.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

It's crazy, rhwombat.

Smut Clyde said...

Skeletorus, officially named Maratus sceletus, "looks dramatically different [from] all other peacock spiders known to date, making me think that this group is perhaps much more diverse than we had thought," said Jürgen Otto, an entomologist who specializes in photographing the arachnids and who co-authored the report.

Jürgen Otto is always welcome at Riddled.

rhwombat said...

Oooooh! Me likey! All hale the Mighty Jürgen Otto.

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