Thursday, September 3, 2015 visualized

Some numbers are just so mind-bogglingly, gast-flabberingly, inconceivably large as to exceed all human experience. It would be a mistake to use such numbers in the name of Frankfurt's best brewpub.

Visualize traffic of Can you realise a group of 12 people? The answer is no. Our brain can't visualize a group of 12 people. If you read 12, it has just the meaning of a number. To put the number of visitors has in a perspective we can visualize better how much people 12 really are.

Currently has 12 daily visitors and 360 monthly visitors. let's put them in a perspective!

Daily 12 of the 7,017,846,922 internet users are visiting 12 daily visitors,
let's see what happens if they all come together.

If where a country, it will be bigger than Never land with a population of 0 people.

Below here you find a list where would be ranked on the list of country populations if where a country
Nr Country Population Percentage
1 Tokelau 1,200 0.00003%
2 Vatican City 800 0.00002%
3 Pitcairn Islands 50 0.000001%
4 12 0.000000%
5 Never land 0 0.000000%

If all 12 daily visitors of take each other
by hand we will have a straight line with a length of 20.4 km.

The average span width of a human is 1.79 meter.


rhwombat said...

We are all individuals...except for me.

H. Rumbold, Master Barber said...

Assumes mean number of hands per visitor not in evidence.

Yastreblyansky said...

If it where? If it were continuously airborne, it would Never land.