Monday, May 15, 2017

Nice things, why we can't have them, #107

WTF, Australian customs? (not the ones involving sheep):

The story does not say whether the Australian bioseurity officers huddled around the incinerator breathing in the hallucinogenic fumes while the "pressed-daisy" specimens were burning. More details here, including the news that Australian officers destroyed a package of New Zealand lichen specimens in October 2016 but did not get around to telling anyone until now.

This vindicates the advice from the Library Pixies not to share the priceless Riddled Dried Leeches-and-Spiders Collection with our Australian colleagues.

The existence of a Society of Herbarium Curators, quietly exchanging their dried samples in a genteel interlibrary loan network, opens up new possibilities for writing epistolary-format romantic-comedy novels. Just saying.

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