Monday, May 15, 2017

Perhaps the first time I have been called "the most suitable personality"

The Ecronicon is (as any fule kno) the pr0n version of Lovecraft's 'Necronomicon'. Or alternatively the title of a Tangerine Dream bootleg recording from the mid-80s, the one with the only known performance of "Black Pilgrimage to Choronzon".

It goes without saying that the 'E-cronicon' parasitical-publishing scam operates out of Hyderabad. The pair of grifters behind it earned a special commendation for their innovations in spamming, i.e. solicitation through bogus Sexy-Lady identities on LinkedIn.

No, I do not wish to receive any further spam, but the "Abolish" option is not available.

I just want to know how Ms. Dianna Winters managed to "see my profile", as all copies were supposedly destroyed in that tragic fire when the Institute burned down.

UPDATE: Aleakhya Katamaneni and Sanjay Mantge Kumar -- the gombeens behind E-Cronicon -- are only 28! They are a tribute to the attitudes inculcated by the Indian education system, i.e. "can-do" and "work hard and bludge money from strangers".

In fact they have a second start-up under the belts, another parasitical publisher -- because one scam is evidently never enough -- "Acta Scientific Publications" a.k.a. Acta Scientifica International Open Library --
one of the eminent publishing groups that are actively involved in publishing original articles as per the current research. We have qualified writers who indulge themselves in extensive research and compile accurate data to write informative articles
They are currently recruiting "Scientific Editorial Assistants", so if you live in Hyderabad, have a pharmacy degree and want to spend your working day scouring the Interlattice in search of names of academics to feed into the spam-bots ("Collection of expertise database"), drop Sanjay a line!

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