Thursday, May 25, 2017

Pro-tip: Highly-effective politicians only write dirty limericks

Here at Riddled we are aware of all Terms-of-venery traditions and we cannot condone the use of "bevy" as a collective term for bad poetry. "Bevy" can apply to quail, roe-deer or pulchritudinous ladies.
Judges would have accepted the terms "anthology" or "slim volume".

The culprit for this terminological turpitude was one Harrison Christian, who writes at more length here, with a paragraph break to finish each sentence in the standard journamalistic style of punctuation:
Rachel MacGregor has told a court she was horrified by former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig's "really bad poetry," and felt trapped while she was working for him.
On Monday, MacGregor - Craig's former press secretary - gave evidence in the Auckland High Court, where Craig is suing Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater.
Slater's lawyer Brian Henry cross-examined MacGregor, asking her reaction to a letter Craig wrote to her on Christmas Eve in 2014, which included two love poems.
"I remember feeling really offended, because we agreed that there were going to be boundaries and he had even written them himself, and now he's writing me really bad poetry," she said.
"It was awful actually, especially because he was going really into detail about me physically."
One of the poems, titled Beautiful, which Craig has admitted was inappropriate, featured lines like, "You are beautiful because your skin is so soft."
It was part of a bevy of letters and poetry Craig sent MacGregor while he employed her as his press secretary.
...There is more, but it descends into a critique of dorky couture.

[Stoled from Oglaf]

Cameron Slater is a "high-functioning Youtube comment" [MMMM, 2017], whose niche in the political ecosystem rests on his eagerness to dirty himself with work that National Party politicians themselves are too fastidious to touch. He claims to be a journalist, and therefore immune from defamation lawsuits; and also a blogger, and therefore exempt from putative fact-based journalistic restrictions. Colin Craig is just another libertarian / theocrat gobshite, whom the National Party was courting for a while as a possible coalition partner when he was playing with political-party-shaped sockpuppets. And now they are suing each other.

The usual advice against mud-wrestling with pigs does not extend to watching two pigs mud-wrestle.

...Dramatis personae of the news report also includes a lawyer, previously friendly with both sides, not so much now.
Justice Kit Toogood asked Slater: "You say you felt betrayed, but did you not betray her express injunction that this [conversation] cannot go anywhere else?"
"I did dance around on that but I guess technically I did," Slater said.
Whatever Justice Toogood is paid to put up with the crap from these fucksticks, it is not enough.


Trevor said...

This is the same retard sickness beneficiary Cameron Slater who detests sickness beneficiaries that are insufficiently white, or possibly inadequately retarded? Or do you have two of the things? If so, oh! blessèd land, NooZild!

Smut Clyde said...

Only one of him, unless more rocks have been looked under.
This Cameron Slater (with picture!)

I remain cautiously optimistic that Justice Toogood will imprison Slater for contempt of court -- his very existence is in contempt of everything -- and Craig for writing bad poetry. The latter will be a term for the verse.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Colin wrote bad poetry with a crazy sort of urgency.