Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The touch of undying

Let me begin with a Public Service Announcement: boosting murine IQ never ends well (it must be a tradition, or an old charter or something). The mice revert to stupidity and die, or take over the world, or they outsmart the house's inheritors.

Now we have not looked in lately on Marco Ruggiero, impresario of medicinal yoghurt and the subject of protection by the Mad Scientist Anti-Defamation League, not since the last time, so what better way to celebrate the New Year? So here is Professor Ruggiero, in his current academic specialty as Quantum Biologist of Immortality, in the company of two exponents of urintherapie (which is to say, better health through drinking urine, usually though not necessarily one's own):

And here -- thanks to the charity of Goofle Translate -- a sentient list of leading questions persuades Ruggiero to divulge the details of how his new product ensmartens rodents, on all nine of Howard Gardner's distinct intelligences.
Spirit of Health Magazine: A study has found that Klotho* makes mice smarter. Please tell a little bit more about Klotho* and its effects on the human body and brain.
Dr. Ruggiero: The proprietary Immortalis Klotho Formula works holistically on the various levels of body and brain. It restores the brain microbiota, the so-called fourth brain. It combats the aging process of the body and brain by boosting the endogenous production of proteins such as Klotho* and providing the body with enzymes that mimic the effect of Klotho* and other anti-aging genes. It stimulates the immune system and brings it back into balance. It helps to rid the body of harmful environmental toxins. It protects against damage caused by oxidative stress. It favors the endogenous production of neurotransmitters whose deficiency is caused by anxiety and other neurological and mental disorders. Such endogenous production of neurotransmitters has been found to be effective in improving the memory, mental clarity and overall function of the brain and mind. Dr. Gardener developed the theory of multiple intelligences in 1983 and subdivided it into nine types: linguistic-linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, musical-rhythmic intelligence, pictorial-spatial intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, naturalistic intelligence, interpersonal "social" intelligence, intrapersonal Intelligence, as well as existential intelligence or spiritual intelligence.
Controlled experiments as well as clinical studies have shown that the components of Immortalis Klotho Formula together with the Immortalis protocol help to improve all these intelligences.
The heightened social intelligence will be especially useful for mice whose social skills were compromised in one of the many mouse-model-of-autism experiments.**

What in the name of Azathoth is 'Immortalis Klotho', Uncle Smut? Is he a character in a thinly-disguised imitation of "Mad Max III"?

Well might you ask, sentient list of leading questions! The answer, alas, is long and circuitous, and takes us through the rich hours and even richer fantasy life of one Sacha Stone, né Mr. Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams, author of vast tracts of bonkerdom which I had not previously encountered. Sacha fancies himself as an amalgam of Timothy Leary and Buckminster Fuller, and displays a special fondness for being photographed with haloes around his bearded head. 'Amalgam' is not really a word, it was dreamed up as a way of using up spare 'a's in Scrabble games, just saying.

But even before we get to Stone, it behooves me and afoots me (or perhaps the other way around) to introduce you to Archbishop Jim Humble, of the Genesis II church. For Ruggiero's coming appearance as a speaker and drawcard to the "Spirit of Health 2018" Scamboree -- in Berlin, this May -- is what places him in the salubrious company of the piss-drinkers. Also in the company of Stan Burzynski, a US-based Alternative Cancer Healer, who started his career by boiling down large quantities of urine to extract the Natural Healing Substances found therein [as if one needed an excuse].*** The whole conman-corroboree seems to have assumed "taking the piss" as its unifying theme.

And this medgrift trade-fair is the work of Leo Koehof, an acolyte of Archbishop Jim, also his European translator. While the Socratic dialog between Ruggiero and a sentient list of leading questions was conducted under the auspices of SpiritofHealth Magazine, through Jim Humble Publisher... both more of Leo K.'s responsibilities.

Is 'acolyte' another made-up word, Uncle Smut?

It's a kind of electrolyte. Plants crave it. Don't interrupt.

Tell us more about Jim Humble! He sounds nice!

Humble has lurked in the subtext of a great many Riddled posts over the years... for Amanda Mary Jewell and Kerri Rivera are alumni of the Genesis II Church, and Lesley Hutchings and Trevor Banks are sympathisers, who learned the tricks of the trade before switching to the GcMAF rort. Where have you been for the last decade or two?!
Gutters, mainly.

OK. Archbish Jim is in the business of persuading people to eschew medical treatment for cancer and to cure themselves instead by a diet of bleach... not just any bleach, but his own artisanal variety, marked up in price and marketed as "MMS". Also a sovereign remedy for autism, hepatitis, malaria, imaginary internal parasites, and all the flaws of flesh. To be taken intravenously or per vas nefandum if one's normal bodily reactions to swallowing bleach a Natural Organic Mineral restrict the amount that can be orally absorbed.

There is a whole genre of Interweb imagery showing strips of sloughed intestinal lining that came out of children's butts after forced bleach enemas; these photographs are exchanged by Munchhausens-by-proxy proud parents, as proof of how MMS has rid them of worms. I will spare you that for at Riddled we have STANDARDS. As for Genesis II, it is a totally bogus cult-shaped scam designed to treat "bleach enemas" as a sacrament and claim a Religious-Freedom exemption from normal legal barriers to the sale of noxious material.

More bogus than longer-established religions?

I shall ignore that. Anyways, despite his exalted title, Humble is happy to cooperate with or co-opt rival Alt-Med types who hold their own Real Secret of Curing Cancer, and to rally them behind his banner (I suspect he aspires to elevation to Pope). Hence the commendably-ecumenical Spirit-of-Health magazine and yearly scamboree, with its general theme of "mainstream doctors suppress our Healing Modalities because they want you to stay sick". Leo Koehof himself is an advocate of Moringa supplements, Moringa oleifera being either last week's Miracle Superfood / Plant Product or next week's; either way it is not bleach, so his commitment to the cause of bleach enemata is not 100%, though there is no doubting his commitment to the ethos of 'separating suckers from their money'.

Moving on from the Humblebrag and his attempt to claim Benefit of Clergy, it is not far to the environs of Immortalis Klotho itself. Hurrah!
Right: Not Immortalis Klotho

The staff list includes a Vedic Artist because of course it does.

This brings us AT LAST back to Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams, who rebranded himself as Messiah of the New Age when his would-be rock-star career went tits-up in 2003. Since then he has been claiming credit for United Nations initiatives, bolstering his pose as an independent peace negotiator by photobombing meetings of ambassadors, and promoting a portfolio of New-Agey companies like Humanitad, the Natural Justice Academy, the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, New Earth Nation, New Earth University... all about Childhood's-End / Age-of-Aquarius / Cosmic-Consciousness Global Transformation, and the appropriation of indigenous cultures. There may well be Spirit Quests and Sweat Lodges involved, and one expects his sites to use Papyrus font throughout. His logos are modelled on Mandalas but come across as half Spirograph doodle and half Biohazard pictogram.

Sacha Stone [artist's impression]
Stone is such a caricature of the prototypal New Age grifter that it can only be deliberate, much as Nigerian-Prince scammers try to be obvious about it, so they don't waste time on people who retain a vestigial sense of skepticism. Did you ever in your puff see such a perfect perisher?

The Star-Child Paradigm Shift adorns a foundation of libertarian / far-right Sovereign Citizen movement, in which we each become our own nation -- united by Natural Justice and the "Spirit of the Law"-- to escape outmoded tax regimes legal jurisdictions. You can learn more about Stone than you probably desire from this useful profile, including his fondness for Kenyan-Obama Truther trumpery. Who could possibly have predicted that a white refugee from what is now Zimbabwe would prove to be a colossal racist gobshite? Then there's the Elders-of-Zion antisemitism.

In the end it turns out that Immortalis Klotho is simply a pre-mixed modification of Ruggiero's two existing products, Rerum and Bravo probiotic yoghurt.
IMMORTALS KLOTHO FORMULA is not a pharmaceutical, medical or therapeutical product. IMMORTALIS KLOTHO FORMULA is a proprietary formula consisting of 2 principal components: a proprietary symbiosis of live microbes; and a proprietary supramolecular structure composed of chondroitin sulfate, vitamin D3 (VitD), vitamin E. All ingredients are available on the international nutritional markets without medical prescription. .
This does not mean that his Rerum-centred business relationship with Heinz Reinwald is coming to an end; it may simply be that Immortalis is intended to complement Rerum in the marketplace, not supplant it, targeting a different customer-base. For Immortalis is promoted not to cure cancer or other disease, but to cure mortality itself, allowing the select few customers to extend their life-spans to those of Biblical patriarchs. I am not making this up.
The life of this small mammal is strongly reminiscent of that of the biblical patriarchs, who not only lived exceptionally long, but were free of disease and fertile into old age. [...]
Dr. Ruggiero: The realistic goal is to live in very good health for a very long time, just as it is described in the Bible and as some species of animals succeed. Records that our ancestors were many hundreds of years old are, from a biological-scientific perspective, not far-fetched ... believe it or not! The human body is indeed designed to live a very long time. Unfortunately, there are many disruptive factors that diminish our life expectancy, such as: pollutants, heavy metals, radiation, poor diet, war, disease, poverty, etc. It is these factors, among other factors, that make our "natural" nature remarkably long and fulfilling To reduce life.
Now Immortalis LLC was recently incorporated in the town of Yelm WA, at 17434 Spirit Lane SE, because where else would it be?. 'Yelm'' is a typo for 'Ylem', or conceivably a sound-effect bubble from an old Batman comic, denoting the sound of being swallowed by a giant salamander. The company's Governors are a troika of Sacha's colleagues.

The Humanitad staff-list is the proverbial target-rich environment (though not everyone listed among "Advocates and Supporters" may be aware of their promotion, and some are long-deceased). But it would be nvidious to continue without touching on Santiago Azpilicueta, who is "I.T. Development" for New Earth, when he is not soliciting donations for the project of convening a Common-Law Grand Jury that will replace South Africa with a federation of Sovereign Citizens. According to his New Earth profile, Santiago
became a serial entrepreneur and technologist, commandeering or participating in many ventures including book publishing, lead generation, and Internet Marketing. ... Now Santi is passionately dedicated to creating web systems, live media production, and financial processes for the New Earth Project and the ITNJ.
The "serial entrepreneur" role includes Anew Vision LLC, and Innovision LLC, housed at the same Yelm abode. Also his "Vitality Detox Drops" business, persuading self-obsessed suckers to detox themselves with zeolite pills (i.e. cat litter). And more, but bored now. "Book publishing" and "Internet Marketing" presumably refer to Peak Life Publishing LLP, and "Black Book Method" (which addressed the apparent demand for pathetic sexual-entitlement fantasies). He sounds nice.
Black Book Method: stolen from Oglaf
So these people are Marco Ruggiero's current business associates. As if foreseeing the short-lived nature of his partnerships with David Noakes and John Anderson / Isagenix, and his need for future hosts, Ruggiero was already grooming Sacha Stone to be his next sugar daddy, in 2014. So he has had plenty of time to explore the moral calibre of his new associates. Just as they have had time to apprise themselves of Ruggiero's.

To seal the alliance, Sacha provided an Epilogue or Exegesis to 'Turd Brain' (Ruggiero's microbiome manifesto), in which advertisements for the coming product are interspersed with New Age word-droppings in no discernable sequence. The result is not over-endowed with coherence and it will not be in the final exam.

Mustn't forget Stone's latest gift to the world: free energy, available through his invention of the QT-π electricity multiplier, which looks like an ordinary transformer but boosts energy by 400% [when measured by New Earth's special own-brand instruments]. Specifications distributed only as Youtuber because millennials.

* Earlier versions of Ruggiero's products rested on the Bcl gene as a rationale for their putative benefits, but he has moved on to misrepresenting the state of knowledge about the klotho gene. He does not appear to understand the science, but given his audience, why would he bother to try?

** Stolen from Neuroskeptic.

*** These days, Burzynski has moved on from his urine-sourced Antineoplastons, and obtains his Miracle Cures using standard chemo drugs... though as Personalised Gene-Targeted therapy regimes, i.e. administered by what the voices tell him rather than by accepted oncology guidelines.

AFTERTHOUGHTS: Sacha Stone's QT-π electricity multiplier is getting a little far from Marco Ruggiero, but it is an entertaining rabbit-hole all of its own. Within the Overunity community of SRS perpetual-motion engineers and hobbyists, it is a laughing-stock, and regarded as a cruel parody of the efforts of ordinary decent loons.

There is a slightly more sophisticated device circulating in Alternative Reality circles, the Quantum Energy Generator -- reverse-engineered from Tesla Technology -- with capacitors, and moving parts as well as magnetic coils, which must move at just the right angular velocity to attain Quantum Resonance and suck electricity from the vacuum.

The designers always seem to be just one more crowd-sourced fund-raising away from having a reliably working demonstration. But they have gifted the schematics to the world in expectation of the post-money economy, for anyone to construct... and if you are unable to make your construction work, it may be due to skepticism and negativity and Quantum Entanglement, and the designers will provide phone or Skype consultation at $300 / hour, because LOVE.

"HopeGirl" explained the concept to Sacha Stone in 2014, as she traveled the world on crowd-sourced airfares helping suckers optimistic people whose QEGs don't quite work, so that may be where he stole shared the idea from.

JP informs me that Yelm is also home to the gated compound of the Ramtha channeled-galactic-advisor cultists. Their presence may have made Yelm more charlatan-friendly, and may explain the existence of "Spirit Lane", but there is no obvious direct link to the New Earth cockwombles. The Ramtha crowd missed their ride on Comet Hale-Bopp, so I wish them better luck with the next one.

In the course of checking for connections I spent more than 30 seconds at Ramtha's Faceborg pages; also at Reality-Denialist sites like 'Starseed Ascending', and now I feel dirty. Worried that the stink of False-Flags / Mass-shooting-Truth / Global Cooling / Trump fellation will never wash off. Surely there must be some New Age Messiahs who are not boot-licking authoritarian trash.


rhwombat said...

Surely there must be some New Age Messiahs who are not boot-licking authoritarian trash.

rhwombat said...

Further to the above ('cause it may have seemed a tad abrupt) - I suspect that the absolute number of woo-susceptible morons has increased exponentially with global population. Add interwebbything visibility to the grift and you have sufficient patsies surfing the 3 Sigma shoulder of credulity to maintain an infinite number of monkeys pseudoimmunologists like Ruggiero in the manner in which they have become accustomed. It's kind of ironic that he has descended to the immortality potions, 'cause most of his previous marks must have died by now - save for the significant proportion that never had anything wrong with them other than relevance deprivation.

I remember the bum bleach craze from my days of desperation prior to the dawn of the HIV treatment era. It was depressing.

El Coyote said...

Thanks for this! As it happens, Sacha Stone is involved in any number of dodgy...that is, exciting endeavours in addition to the QT-pi mini-QEG machine ("Plug it into the mains and watch it go!") and the eternal life gloop. And the more we looked, the more friends we discovered he has! Truly, he must be a fine and honourable gentleman indeed.

Smut Clyde said...

Oh my. Thanks for that link. I should have guessed that Sacha Stone would have battened onto Kevin Galalae in some way, to siphon off some of his ideas.

Anonymous said...

Wow you certainly have a lot of time to slander people and projects you clearly know nothing about and will never measure up to. I know it must get boring in your mother's basement eating her tuna sandwiches all day.

Smut Clyde said...

Which slandered person and project did you have in mind? You'll have to be more specific. There are so many of them.

Anonymous said...

Does the extensive discrediting 'work' of Sasha Stone have anything to do with his extensive documentary about 5G (and Smart Meters), and that this highly profitable 5G technology will be damaging the DNA of all life-forms, including the human DNA?

5G Apocalypse - The Extinction Event


Smut Clyde said...

One repetition of a comment advertising Sacha Stone's 5G scam is enough, thank you; I have sent the other five copies to the spam bucket.