Thursday, October 11, 2018

The real victim

This guy.
The man who was filmed breaking an expensive sculpture on Wellington's waterfront yesterday has opened up about his actions, saying he was "bored" and "there wasn't a sign that says don't climb".
It was the fault of (1) boredom, caused by lack of entertainment facilities; (2) an encouraging crowd; (3) inadequate barriers; and (4) the Len Lye foundation, for making a sculpture that breaks when people 'test its limits', CAUSING HIM INJURY.
"I seemed to attract a bit of an audience [...] and I started to test the limits of the metal sculpture."
However, Mr Macdonald's acrobatics have landed him in trouble after the $300,000 sculpture snapped.
"It came down hard on my head, like a 20-foot baseball bat."

I do not know if anyone is running a poll to choose "New Zealand's Biggest Plonker".

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