Monday, February 15, 2010

Travel slides: Memorial to the Unknown Selfish Barstidge, Lisbon

The Ayn Rand fanboy at the right is about to take his toy yacht and head off to Valencia to enter it in the Americas Cup -- not realising that the racing is over already. Hahaha! Serves him right!

"Let us play with your toy boat! We'll all be your friends!"
"Get a job, you parasites, and save up for your own sodding boats."


M. Bouffant said...

Didn't it was over either. Didn't even know it had begun. (What the hell else am I missing?)

Today I'm watching the telly & someone states that the thing is back in Yank hands for the first time in yada. Huh. And then I find out Mr. Oracle bought it.

Dunno if he's a Randroid, but I'm led to understand he's a prick of the first water.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

S.C. are you describing a scene from your childhood?

tigris said...

Didn't it was over either. Didn't even know it had begun. (What the hell else am I missing?)

The America's Cup feed also refuses to show up in blogrolls.

Lawnguylander said...

I'd say this is more a case of a 12 step recovery program from addiction to trousers gone pear shaped. The assembled do not realize that boat boy's recent actions were intended as amends making but would be even more cross with him if they did. They are waiting for that big ship cruising under the bridge to come by so they can send him on a journey. Some are less patient and don't endorse the delay. Such as the Franciscan and the dude in front of him making the universal "wassamattafoyou?" hand signal. As boat boy's sponsor, he has his personal moral inventory in his hand. It's lists like those what cause unrest.

Another Kiwi said...

"Come" said Vasco Pajama (Leunig circa 1985)"Let us seek new lands and such"
"Ah, Vasco" said various creditors "there are a few things that we would like to talk to you about"
"Ho brave lads" replied Pajama "Let us bravely march to a brave new horizon"
"What about them sails we made for you?" vouchsafed a Chandler (not Bing).
"Quick, he's getting away" various merchants expressed.
"Simple minded fools" opined Vasco Pajama "I sail for adventure and fortune"
"Riddled is not hiring" explained some people "There's been nothing on there for 5 days"
"Bugger" said Vasco Pajama

mikey said...

Behold, for I carry before me nothing less than the ark of the covenant (and I'm wearing a very pretty hat). Follow me to the holy lands!

It's not the ark of the covenant, my liege, it's a little boat. But it is a very pretty hat indeed.

Oh, um, did I say covenant? I mispoke. It is the ark of NOAH, and together we shall go forth and liberate the holy land.

That can't be Noah's ark, my liege, for it is far and away too small.

Young man, do you know how long a 'cubit' is? THEN MIND YOUR INSOLENT TONGUE, YOU UNDEREDCUATED FOOL! This boat is exactly 80 cubits long, as is written in scripture, The Gospel of Cosby 2:14.

I'LL FOLLOW YOU, LIEGE! My sword and my life are yours!

Then you must kneel down and...And smell my farts!

That seems kind of, well, gross, y'know?


DAMN! That is some kinda nasty, your Flatulence. But it is indisputably a very pretty hat!

Smut Clyde said...


There are a number of different situations in which His Flatulence gets to say that.