Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Fortunately this diabolical plan was thwarted and the violence remained uncontrolled.
Government listening devices were much larger in those days.


mikey said...

OK, now, couple things here. First, I've worked with techs and engineers over the years building ad hoc control and patch panels and I've just got to say none of them, even the excessively evil, would fail to build a complete enclosure with sides. The aesthetics would just bother the crap out of them. Also, can someone point out to me the functionality of that panel that requires an exhaust duct? I don't see anything but switches, dials and gauges. No heat, no toxic emissions, no ink or glue or sodium dichloride. It seems unnecessary and artificial to me. It also bears asking if you had the technological wherewithal to build this control panel, why wouldn't you move the electric power from the outlet high on the wall, clearly intended for a hanging lamp or perhaps some of that cheap plastic track lighting you could get at Ikea a few years back to a power supply integrated into the panel? Or is the assumption here that the control panel is something you order, maybe from Newegg, or a Heathkit or something, and you merely bolt it on the wall and plug it in and just like that you're in control of violence over long distances. Because that seems unlikely to me.

Lastly, what do you suppose are the physical problems of the protagonists as indicated by their odd posture? Clearly, the evil General and overall violence controller has some kind of bowel problem, causing incontinence and poopy pants. Meanwhile, his evil toady (or is he a lackey - it's hard for me to tell them apart) has some kind of bad problems with his neck, as if perhaps he used to be a kind and mild mannered insurance agent, but one day he was rear-ended by a hippie in a Suburban getting a Hummer and the resulting neck injuries, for which he was never able to collect damages, left him twisted and evil.

What do you think?

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

The take-home lesson here is that one must be on hand to control the violence, teleinstigating just doesn't cut it.

Another Kiwi said...

Weirdos!!I always control violence from my yacht on land.

Substance McGravitas said...

Remote-controlled violence is nice but then the batteries go dead and you have to get up and go do the violence yourself.

Smut Clyde said...

Also, can someone point out to me the functionality of that panel that requires an exhaust duct?

My first amplifier looked like that.

The whole scene has a kind of Plan 9 aesthetic.

J— said...

and the violence remained uncontrolled

Well, I'm surprised. Those hands on the hips convinced me he was in charge.

Sebastia said...

Clearly this is an early prototype of the iPod (the all valve model). The miniaturization aspect came later! Attempts to integrate a rotary dial telephone alas came to nothing.