Thursday, January 1, 2015

Derpsikorean Muse

The Converging Pasts interpretation of quondam fairy holds that a single future springs from all possible antecedents. Differences among those multiple pasts explain many disagreements with the Frau Doktorin when she reminds me of some chore I undertook to perform, but I search my memory for the promise in vain.
It was totally not my turn to feed Mrs Spat, let
alone Evangeline van Holsterin's horse Mr Kraken
As horse follows cart, as headache and recrimination follow akvavit shooters, there follow certain corollaries. One time-line exists in which the Pwn Fairy paid a pre-gristmas visit to three Washington Post journamalists and convinced them that a parody Twitter account was the official voice of the North Korean regime; while in a second time-line they recognised its satirical nature. That second non-gullible past prevailed in the superposition of quantum states, and no trace survives of the pwned-by-parody time-line, except for the parodists' screen-grab at Popehat.
The same convergence and collision of time-lines occurred for Slate writers:
Again, the skeptical past came to dominate the credulous one, which left little trace at the website apart from cryptic references to 'misstatement'.

And a third example of parody recognition at Newsweek! In that case the collision of pasts was more violent, and an apostrophe was lost in the chronorrheal turbulence:

Also the journal interviewed the people behind DPRK_News, Patrick Non-White and Derrick Eggshell.

The clash of discordant time-lines was strongest for a Fox opinionator, where the pasts could not be reconciled and a post vanished down the memory hole. In this case not one but three chronorrheal echoes of the pwned past linger on in the form of screen-grabs.

The whole saga illustrates the workings of the Morphogenetic Field. One media outlet, by putting credence in absurdist tweets as a source of information, makes it progressively easier for second, third and fourth outlets to make the same credibility-forfeiting blunder.

The alternative is that journamalists are simply reading one another's copy, and filching one another's sources without contributing any effort to confirm their accuracy. That would imply that Newsweek and WashPost are taking their cues from a Fox Opinionator -- the first in the human-centipedal chain of gullibility -- which is unpossible.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I should never have sent that tweet out while I was on that dinosaur hunt.

Smut Clyde said...

Did you get to bring back the butterfly?

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Possibly related.

tigris said...

She has suspisons? Not me, I got vaccinated.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Did you get to bring back the butterfly?

It was eaten by a small blue bird.