Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The robot's emotional expressions were sufficiently sophisticated to display "revolted unease" when it looked across the Uncanny Valley and saw a human face

Another human ability has been automated! Another Kiwi was not well-pleased when the news reached us at stately and not-at-all fictive Riddled Manor, about the emesis simulator devised at a rival laboratory. It's all fun-and-games for the researchers, and a chance of an Ignobel Award, but it's not them faced with the prospect of losing their jobs to a robot!

I was all smug, because artificial colons are not yet sufficiently realistic for trainee proctologists to practice their sigmoidoscopy skills, so some of us are still assured of employment. And I was suggesting that the Emesis Machine could be gainfully linked to the Digestion Simulator, in case the latter backs up after four pints of oildrum-aged Goosefeathers Vengeance and an extra-hot Bhuna Gosht. And then we noticed in the small print that the device is only ¼ scale size.

But 'Larry' the previous Emesis Simulator two-½ years ago was full-size. Is this progress? IS IT BOGROLL.
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They were even larger in 2005:

While forty years ago, the vomit simulator was 100 times larger, could fly, and regurgitated firearms, which are useful social accomplishments.

At the present rate of entropic deterioration, vomiting robots will shrink to bacterial size in another year's time, and triumphant headlines about the nanotech breakthrough will ensue.



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Another Kiwi was not well-pleased

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