Monday, May 30, 2016

Three quarks for Muster Mark!

Yes, Gell-Mann was allowed to draw upon Finnegans Wake for the name of his postulated sub-hadron particles. But there is no place in particle physics for silly names inspired by Spike Milligan lyrics. This may seem unfair but I didn't make the rules.

We learn that those lovable scamps at Science Publishing Group are not limited to publishing Ruggero Santilli and his Hadronic Mechanics. Which is reassuring.

I am not sure which is more speculative: a Hypothetical Theory or a Theoretical Hypothesis.

The Yangton / Yington model first saw the light of day at the "Science Journal of Physics" (this being one of several academic grifts operated by Sylvester Idoge as light relief from his usual day-job of Nigerian bank fraud).

It goes without saying that Einstein was WRONG about EVERYTHING.

Gravity is vastly over-rated.

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