Sunday, May 29, 2016

Anti-matter Black Orbs
Climbing up the Eiffel Tower

Remember those simpler days when Trevor Constable could use a combination of sensitised infra-red film, lens flares and developing faults to document an ecology of giant transparent amoebae in the sky? Techniques have advanced, and these days the skies are populated with ITEs or Invisible Terrestrial Entities.

We know they are anti- matter in composition because the light they emit takes the form of anti-photons, with negative energy, which means that the speed of anti-light increases in a non-vacuum medium -- that is, it has a negative index of refraction, and can only be focussed by a concave lens rather than a convex one, and darkens the image on the film or CCD. It is a light that never, never warms. It may be that a similar phenomenon explains the non-reflective property of vampires.
Anti-illumination from an anti-candle
To photograph this new incarnation of the Orb phenomenon requires not any old digital camera, but a special Santilli telescope from Thunder Energies Corporation. These ITEs are necessarily powered in some way (to stop them falling upward from Earth into space in accordance with anti-gravity), as well as shielded against contact with atmospheric cis-matter. Also they "behave in a manner strongly suggesting the conduction of unauthorized surveillance of our sensitive, civilian, industrial and military installations, thus warranting their societal knowledge," why are security agencies paying so little attention?! Perhaps they are visitors -- albeit unfriendly ones -- from the "antimatter galaxies, antimatter asteroids and antimatter cosmic rays," the search for which inspired Santilli to invent his eponymous anti-telescopes.

There are many avenues that one might pursue to bring such discoveries to wider attention; Ruggero Santilli took the increasingly-popular option of paying a mockademic junk-journal to wrap a gauzy tissue of Science around a grotesquely mal-edited 9-page press release. The journal being the India-based "American Journal of Modern Physics" from the bottom-feeding scuzzbuckets comprising the "Science Publishing Group". There it was read by Pepijn van der Erp, a veteran labourer in the Stupid Mines. A whole rich vein of similar Stupid was thereby revealed... for our man Santilli has been shedding the darkness of his insights and theories for a number of decades, deluminating an impressive range of fields, unconstrained by conventional disciplinary boundaries, in an admirably altruistic one-man campaign of subsidising the vanity-journal industry.

He appears to be most proud of his accomplishments in Alternative Chemistry, for a website (commissioned from an Arkansas web designer) chronicles his most recent* self-adulatory attempts to nominate them for a Nobel Prize. Notably, the Magnecular Bond -- which is either an alternative theory of molecule formation (Santilli does not hold with the possibility of electron orbitals overlapping in the alleged Jewish-conspiracy 'covalent bond'), or an artificial improvement on it, formed in electrical discharges and leading to such hitherto-unknown magnecular species as magnetic polymerised hydrogen i.e. Santilli MagneHydrogen I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP; MagneOxygenTM; etc. Electrical discharges being non-existent in nature.

There is real-world involvement here. But the MagneGas company is a whole nother story, with its publicly-traded shares, and actual suckers investors, and the egregious personalities involved (this is Florida).

From there the ramifications spread out through a network of self-staffed Scholarly Institutes and Philanthropic Foundations and Lecture Series and conferences (also) and vanity journals, across cosmology, hadronic physics, isoprotons, and mathematics. Any internal contradictions in all this go away when conventional mathematical reasoning is generalised in the broader fields of iso-mathematics and hyper-mathematics. Needless to say, Santilli is not a fan of quantum mechanics or Einsteinian relativity.

Indeed, our man has his own alternative formulation of Scientific Ethics; this focusses upon the International Jewish Conspiracy to suppress Santilli's contributions, and combines self-conducted lawsuits with vituperative anti-semitic denunciations of people who ignore or disagree with him. Thomas Mann reckoned that "only the exhaustive can be truly interesting", and Santilli's list of enemies certainly qualifies as "interesting".

All this may well flood the Stupid market and crash the commodity price (with repercussions and reverberations across the world economy), but in the short term there is plenty of Stupid for everyone! Stupor Monday came early!
* Earlier attempts in 2007 and 2008. There is a conventional form of Nobel Prize nomination -- it must come from recognised institutions to be felicitous -- and needless to say, Santilli has invented his own procedure. Through which his epigones and sockpuppets have been nominating for the Physics Prize regularly since 1985. In 1987 the sockpuppetdrawer organised themselves as a "International Committee for the Nobel Prize Nomination of Prof. R. M. Santilli" to systematise the process.


M. Bouffant said...

Amazing how a sneeze on a lens can start an entire new field of inquiry.

Joe said...

I got on Santilli's mailing list when I was at Florida State University. In those days, it was actual mail with stamps on it. A quarter-century later, the mail stopped. I was hoping he'd given up.

Smut Clyde said...

Not everyone could have built an entire career out of divide-by-zero errors. You have to admire him.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Maybe you can't divide by zero, but how about division by orbs, ehh, Mr. Science Man???