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One beginning and one ending for a book was a thing I did not agree with. A good book may have three openings entirely dissimiliar and inter-related only in the prescience of the author, or for that matter one hundred times as many endings

The Codex Alimentarius. Is it:
  • A Mayan folded book that survived the Spanish destruction, housed in the Vatican Library and believed to be a dynastic record until its recent reclassification as a restaurant guide after the identification of the glyph for 'cilantro'?
  • A baleful tome describing unspeakable rituals, its existence confined to the imaginary libraries of the Cthulhu Mythos?
  • A transnational project of aligning food-standard legislation?
This is all leading up to a flashback episode revealing some of the GcMAF backstory. Please imagine the text shimmering and rippling as you read it on the screen, as is the time-honoured way to signal the transition into dreams and memories.

In fact the narrative is complicated by the presence of three backstories. One features an AIDS-denialist Italian physician, but we need not delve into that now for it has been recounted elsewhere by a different AIDS-denying Italian physician who felt deprived of the credit he deserved. The second involves a trio of ME/CFS doctors, and it is enlivened by their enthusiasm for spurious blood-tests and for diagnosing Chronic Lyme Disease and a laboratory artefact (XMRV) everywhere, but here at Riddled we are all about the deferred gratification and we will save that saga for later. The third...

The suggestive title of the Codex Alimentarius lends itself to the Paranoid Portfolios of career conspiracists. Whatever the opposite is of a Worship Word (you will not speak it!), that's the Codex. We find it, for instance, in the on-line fund-raising performances of Rima Laibow, and of Ian Crane, for whom it is so central as to overshadow the UFOs and the Illuminati. And all is mutual recrimination, and accusations that rival conspiracists are Controlled Opposition, for this is a crowded field where everyone is competing for donations and DVD-sales from the same pool of suckers; there is only so much Paranoid Style to be monetarised.

Evidently the conspiracy involves Algerian typeface, which is almost enough to recruit me to the opposition.*

Here we need a segue to the National Health Federation. At right is all the Library Pixies would provide on short notice and I hope it will prove an adequate substitute.

The NHF was founded in 1955 by various dregs from the John Birch Society, as a mutual-protection umbrella group for cancer-exploitation con-men. Their various treatments and rationales for curing cancer were mutually incompatible, but they concurred on the urgency of repealing all regulations and agencies that restricted their income streams... much as televangelists, Satanists and the Taliban come together in ecumenical collegiality to agree that the real enemy is atheism. The John Birch Society connection comes in because so many Birchers were fastened onto the Laetrile moneyteat.
Smutbrain after trying to bring
structure to the Conspirasphere

They have a new generation of leadership now, more specifically employed in the diet-supplement scampill industry, so they are more focussed on the noble fight against food-safety and honesty-in-advertising legislation, though that is awkward to say out loud and is better couched as "Food Purity through Free-Market Forces". They present themselves as New-Age niceness, without the ALL-CAPS shoutiness of Alex Jones and Natural News. So the Codex Alimentarius becomes the Evil Corporate Agenda, a Trojan Goat for GMOs (much as the NHF stand against dusky-hued people is robed in the mantle of environmentalism; evidently ecological degradation is all the fault of immigrants). It is all astro-washing or (as it might be) green-turfing. Though the NHF Crank Magnetism is turned up to 8 Tesla, so there is AIDS denialism and tobacco denialism in their heavily-plagiarised archives; also anti-fluoridation and antivax positions, as legacy paranoia, and because community health initiatives directly impact on their business.**
George Monbiot writes for the NHF -- who knew?

However entrancing it is to wander unchecked through a garden of bright images -- especially the Hall of Health Freedom Heroes, just look at it! -- it may entice our minds from another subject of almost equal importance. Like this EU-lobbying alliance of Scott Tips from the NHF, Rob Verkerk from the 'Alliance of Natural Health', Ian Crane again (trying hard not to mention the Lizardoids), and Paul Anthony Taylor from the Dr Rath Health Federation.

I thought the paranoid-ideation crowd were all in competition and do not play well together.

This is the exception that proves the pudding, and the proof is in the rule.
Taylor once sat on the NHF Board of Governators, and indeed was their Executive President, but for some reason he fell into disrepute and his name has been erased from the archives. The 'why' is unclear. The Rath Foundation is an AIDS-treating vitamin-pill empire responsible for an unknown number of deaths in South Africa by fighting the use of antiretroviral drugs, but surely that alone would not discredit it.

As for the ANH, they are another wretched hive of scum and villainy. Despite their 'international' pretensions, the group is essentially a UK affair, and more precisely a Rob Verkerk affair.*** It serves as NHF fuckpuppet for the latter group's lobbying in the EU against food-standard legislation. Here for bonus bullshittery is a colloidal silver scamsite with Scott Tips and Verkerk on the board... the rightwing hive-mind opposition to Fiat Currency guarantees a special place in the scammocopoeia for precious metals, turning colloidal silver into a shibboleth of libertarian self-care.

So back to Ian Crane; back to the milieu of False Flags, Nephilim, transhumanism, the NWO and the Depopulation Agenda.
Bonus masks, 99% Illuminati-free

It seems that we can credit Crane with early adoption of the Suppressed Medical Secret story-line. In the present narration, his main purpose is to introduce David Noakes to GcMAF at a time when Noakes was looking for a new career. The seed fell on fertile wind and great was the reaping of whirlwinds.
In the spring of 2009, David Noakes listened to a presentation in Ghent, Belgium on Codex Alimentarius by some guy called Ian R Crane. During the course of his presentation, Ian stated there was a little-known cure for cancer called GcMAF. After the talk, David went home and put it into Google.
Our man's political career had stalled at that point, with a failed electorate candidature for the UKIP, followed by that party rejecting his leadership bid. Evidently Noakes is too crazy for UKIP, who fondly regard him as "a swivel-eyed loon whose insane conspiracy theories make the rest of us look as mad as a box of frogs", while his post-rejection view of the party is equally negative (because Freemasons, and palm-feathering nest-greasing corruption).

Noakes is as if the Monty Python 'Bigotry' skit attained sentience. His inner world is populated with Jews, Freemasons, Bilderbergers and dusky-hued immigrants, singly or in free-floating ad-hoc alliances. His old blogs newsdecode and EUtruth are compendia of slights and resentments inflated into Universal Truths (and one can only speculate about the personal origins for his resentment of child-protection agencies). The dumbarse bumblefuck is no better at paranoid ideation than he is at politics, for he cannot even spell "Alimentarius".

Nevertheless, the tip-off from Crane spurred Noakes into action. He enlisted friends and family, establishing the "Immuno Research" and  "Macro Innovations" companies in his own name; "Immunology Ltd" in the name of Lynda Banks; "Immunisis Ltd." and "First Immune" in his daughter's; and "Immuno Biotech" in Guernsey. It was the beginning of his swift ascent to the dizzy empyrean of the Hall of Health Freedom Heroes! An ascent by way of an advertising kiosk outside the Dublin GPO.

In the course of his Google Research, Noakes learned about Sodium Dichloroacetate or DCA -- the other miracle cancer-cure that doctors don't want you to know about -- and was selling that as well... piggybacking on an existing forum to pimp his putative product, and registering his own webshop (where consumers were advised to buy it through his GcMAF shop). This does not evince enormous faith in the curative properties of GcMAF.

Noakes' companies are not in ideal shape at the moment but at least he now has a fallback career -- for between his new friends and his old racist ultra-nationalist connections, he has earned the title of Political Commentator for Russia Today.
[Thx Malarkey, Dora]
* Just saying, if the Illuminati were serious about Immanentising the Eschaton and hastening the advent of CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN, they would combine Algerian with the existing abomination of Comic Parchment.

** More on the NHF's European adventures here and c/o Dora. And wouldn't you know it, the "different AIDS-denying Italian physician" comes back into the story, for it is a small world, or else a normal-sized world but full of large people.

*** Verkerk has been a GcMAF / Noakes fanboy from way back.


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The suggestive title of the Codex Alimentarius lends itself to the Paranoid Portfolios of career conspiracists.

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