Sunday, April 29, 2018

All my Whats are Fucked

The "Logo Transfer Hypothesis" has it that a biohazard warning sign fucked a mandala, and from that unnatural coupling was born the various spirograph logos of Sacha Stone's portfolio of all-lower-case Childhood's-End start-ups like humanitad and immortalis and new earth nation and bio arc.

It should not be confused with Williamson's "Larval Transfer Hypothesis", in which an earwig fucked a velvet worm (or possibly vice versa), in an implausible cross-phylum forbidden romance that was the origin of caterpillars, i.e. the porno version of a Just-So story. But I digress!

It may be that you have forgotten Simon "Sacha" Stone. He is what happens when Philip Dick's Gnostic Exegesis attains sentience, and decides that its best career path lay in far-right white-separatist politics dressed up in rave-party culture.* Here the particular Stone start-up of interest is the ITNJ... not a Myers-Briggs personality type (though personality types do come into it), but rather the International Tribunal of Natural Justice. Which is an agency transcending national boundaries and legalistic "law code" pettifoggery in the course of restorative justice, with a naff biohazard-sign-fucked-a-mandala logo... or, depending on your perspective, a cohort of grifters who pass around the crowd-source collection plate to finance their penchant for judicial- and episcopal-gown cosplay.**
Worst Hallowe'en "Sexy Jurist" costume EVAH

The underlying ITNJ narrative is "Masked gunman Sovereign-Citizen Lawman rides into town to right wrongs when local sheriffs are in cahoots with the criminals" -- Cahoots being the name of the ridden-into town -- although that storyline is embedded in a sepia cloud of New Age word-wooze. The business model is to solicit donations for the hire of a cheap venue for a 'hearing' or 'inquiry' into some crime against Oh the Humanity; invite various ranters to deliver various testimony-shaped artistic performances that they have previously rehearsed on Youtuber channels; and promise to provide a curated collection of their monologues, Real Soon Now.

In this case the cheap-venue part is "Westminister Hall"... not part of London's Parliamentary Palace as the name might imply, but instead a room that seats several dozen in the nearby Methodist Central building. The issue inspiring the Hearing is "Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse". Which is to say, the International Tribunal has become part of the accretion disk of delusions and donation buttons, swirling around the Hampstead Satanic Abuse hoax, drawn there by the irresistible force of Grifter Gravity.***

A lot has already been written about the Chief Justice of the ITNJ, Sir John Walsh of Branagh... an Australian deadbeat, conman and fabulist, whose knighthood and juristic status are both self-bestowed, just part of a lovingly-curated exhibition of hand-crafted artisanal titles and qualifications. I will accept that immodesty and grandiosity in the composition of one's CV are not prerequisites to work with the ITNJ, but too great a concern for plausibility is certainly a deal-breaker, for here is another of their leading lights, Ambassodor James Gilmore a.k.a. Ponzi the Clown:
Gilmore’s profession from the 1990s was based in both finance and economics. He has worked with clients of varying definitions to include Royalty, politicians, MI5, MI6, Mossad, and the CIA. He was granted a Top Secret clearance by the U.S. Army in his position as deputy head of M-3 (intelligence) of the world’s first Atomic Artillery organization.
Your Riddled reporters have nothing new to add about Mr Walsh, and Gilmore is an ex-parrot. So instead, meet Robert David Steele, ITNJ "Chief Counsel of Commission on Pedophilia" who models his personal appearance on a Magritte painting... he is also
Chief Enabling Officer (CeO) of Earth Intelligence Network; recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize. Former Operations Officer (C/O) in the Clandestine Service of the Central Intelligence Agency, co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, founder of the modern Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) discipline, proponent for election reform, intelligence reform, governance reform and economic reform utilizing Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE).
Not Steele
But wait, there's more! for Mr Steele is also an expert speaker on The Truth about Pet Cancer, and Special Rapporteur for human-rights abuses on Mars. In particular, the widespread abductions of children to serve as sex-slaves and ultimately as bone-marrow donors to the Mars-colony paedophile vampires. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. He sounds nice.

In a previous incarnation in the 1400s, Mr Steele was more concerned about the Jews abducting Christian children and draining their blood to bake in the ritual bread.

Now the grifter eco-system is all about the Competition and the Evolution. If an appeal proves to tug on purse-strings and loosen the heart-strings, or even vice versa, then it is adopted as a permanent piece in the repertoire; otherwise it is set aside and not repeated. The process of selection is one of algorithmic refinement, like the evolution of clickbait Youtubra channels for kids, or akin to the way the constituency of a political demogogue can train him to hoot obsessively if not coherently on their favourite topics, by cheering in response to dog-whistles at the chosen frequency.

So I am going out onna limb here to speculate that the target of ITNJ investigation was not picked capriciously or by throwing darts at the newspapers, but rather has been finely honed to appeal to the suckers (there may even have been focus groups involved!). It follows that what the suckers want to hear about most are the powerful networks of child-trafficking sexploitation vampires who constitute the Deep State. Over at Hoaxtead Research, El Coyote notes a consistent theme among the images provided by ITNJ for sharing through social networks:
Here’s the real meat of the ITNJ web page: a lovely array of children in various states of bondage, guaranteed to appeal to donors who are excited by such thoughts
There is a lot of this stuff in the fever dream of paranoid-style Truther rightwing politics [but I repeat myself]. If it's not child-sex prostitution running out of the non-existent basement of a pizza parlour, and the abduction of whole generations of children by White Slavers from Mars, it's the claim that the body of a no-longer-on-life-support child was snatched by the hospital for organ harvesting (in a case co-opted as a cause célèbre by theocratic garbage people). OR WORSE!

Not enormously relevant, but vampires!
There is the "Storm" fanfic --
Those who believe in the theory allege that cabals of high-ranking Democrats run child sex rings attended by celebrities, which Trump is breaking up.
QAnon refers to a user of internet messaging board 4Chan, who claims to be a White House official with secret knowledge of the investigation into the sex trafficking ring.
“QAnon believers are convinced that the world is run by a nefarious deep state cabal of Democrats, celebrities, and intelligence community figures (many of whom, they claim, are pedophiles),” writes blogger Will Sommer, who monitors right-wing media, on Mediate.
“Trump is about to take them all down, in their telling, often with sealed indictments that are hidden from the public. Hence Barr’s tweets about massive pedophile networks.”
One corollary of this narrative seems to be that the attention given to Trump's record of sexual harassment and payments to pr0n stars is misguided, since hey, look at his undeclared war against human trafficking! It is like a remake of 'Night of the Generals', with General Tanz as the hero. Of course the Great Unsealing of Indictments has been promised since late 2017, and still hasn't happened, but that is unlikely to cause doubt within the epistemic bubble, since maybe it did happen but the satanist-run media kept the events out of the news.

So the button chosen by Sacha Stone and the ITNJ is very hot indeed. The inside of many US voters' heads are like Goya witch-sabbath scenes, permanently stuck in 1799. There is clearly a deep-rooted weakness in the human psyche that makes these concerns lucrative to the grifters and appealing to the griftees, and when we look at the historical precedents

* Delusional Sovereign-Citizen fraudster and money-launderer, Heather Tucci-Jarraf, at right.

** The dress-up stage-trials are a departure for the Tribunal from its original goal of selling its services as a source of binding Judgments. The closed case of National Child Protection Alliance (‘NCPA’) v Commonwealth of Australia [Case 2015-02-NCPA] involved a genuine but misled Australian child-protection agency. The NCPA belatedly realised that for all its Proclamations and Ratifications and Mandates, and for all the torrent of bafflegab pomposity from Chief Justice Sir Mr Walsh, the Tribunal had no more legal legitimacy than the Society for Creative Anachronism, and that the moneys they had paid to change Australian law was gone beyond all hope of recovery.

The case of Unified Common Law Grand Jury of Southern Africa (‘UZA’) v Constitutional Court of South Africa [Case 2015-01-UZA] is still open. Here the appellants ("Unified Common Law Grand Jury of Southern Africa") were a bunch of Sovereign Citizen bumblefucks who want to say the magic words that will dissolve the nominal government of South Africa, but even they eventually came to terms with their position in the host / parasite relationship.

After that, the Tribunal's Trustees announced that no further cases would be taken on, freeing the Justices to spend their time and deliberations more profitably.

*** One early adopter of the Hampstead Satanic Abuse hoax was Alfred Lautreamont Lambremont Webre, a Cray-cray careerist, and expert on the Tesla technology of travel in time and between planets. Webre interviewed the hoax's instigators about the mechanics of the scam (much as a magpie interviews a collection of shiny and potentially-acquirable objects with an eye to the adornment of its own nest), giving them the run of his Youtuba channel to recount the lurid sexual / cannibalistic fantasies that they had taught to two children. I mention Webre here, singled out from all the other Full Mental Jackets drawn into the Hampstead accretion disk, because he has previously featured at Riddled (though here he is left on the cutting-room floor among the out-takes, no room in the main post!).

Webre used to provide his Seattle audience with insights into the maneuvering of alien factions and power blocs, learned though his high-level security access to all the Double-Secret-Probation details of galactic politics. These dispatches -- published as contributions to the Seattle Examiner -- were unfailingly dramatic and intense, though each seismic shift in the interstellar balance of power left Earth's tenuous neutrality preserved, amid sighs of relief. This media outlet seems to have entered abeyance, but fortunately Webre's bulletins are still available in the Wayback cache.
ET Council: War with grey-Draco reptilian ETs is won, no false flag ET invasion
My 1970s meeting with DARPA's Project Pegasus secret time travel program
Andromeda Council: East China Sea 6.9 quake - undersea reptilian base destroyed
It goes without saying that Webre's expertise extends to Mars colonies, but he is not on record as contradicting Steele's dystopian account of conditions there. Professional courtesy is still observed among the spiritual heirs of Hélène Smith.


Emma said...

First of all: I looked at those pictures of those worms in that other post. Why did I do that? I can't swim in chlorine, I avoid fresh water because of n. fowleri, and now you have destroyed the ocean for me because I know what sorts of things really live in it. How much happier was I when I thought the ocean was home only to child-saving dolphins and singing crabs? A lot much happier.

I can't believe all these fuckheaded conspiracy topographies dovetail into one another like the plot of a Dan Brown book. Not one of the better Dan Brown books, either. One of the ones he wrote after he made a lot of money and realized he could publish 238 pages of lorem ipsum placeholder text as long as he put his name on the cover and announced that Tom Hanks would be starring in the movie.


Sex trafficking is such a huge problem, I can't believe there's an entire industry devoted to ending an imaginary version of it. Couldn't the same amount of wealth and hay be made helping some actual humans who are in real danger? Perhaps the actual victims of real trafficking are unphotogenically melanized, however. You have to think about Tweetability as it relates to donations.

I suspect that Alfie Evans was intended as a human sacrifice etc. etc. etc. and the plan was supernaturally exposed
Yes, that's a brilliant plan on the part of the evil malefactors, isn't it? "Let's stir up a lot of hyper-emotional tabloid press around our human sacrifice, it will make the ritual that much easier to carry off!" A CLEAR CASE OF PROJECTION. And how was it supernaturally exposed? Did the information come through to her during a séance?

I'm worried that you read about this stuff a lot. Even being exposed to your carefully-curated posts makes me want to jump in a lake. I hope you have some hobbies that don't involve the deliberate, enraging transgressions of the willfully ignorant and the openly evil. Me, I enjoy a good 13-hour nap.

Smut Clyde said...

And how was it supernaturally exposed? Did the information come through to her during a séance?

I would like to know more about that too. It remains me a bit of the War in the Psychic Plane, waged between Rudolf Steiner and Hitler (according to some Steiner fanbois). Never mind that Steiner was a screaming racist and the reason for his unpopularity from (factions of) the Nazi party was simply that he was competition.

Don't worry, I don't dwell too long on this stuff. It's all just traffic analysis and COMINT, and I was good at that, back in an earlier career in the trade of Walsingham.

Smut Clyde said...

Fred Clark delves into the old traditions that the Pizza-Gate / Q-Anon hoaxers are hoping to revive: