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Artist's impression of Sacha Stone
"What fresh hilarity is ensuing from Sacha Stone (failed rock star, impresario of the ITNJ troupe of jurisprudential cosplayers, aspirant New Age / Libertarian guru and Friend of Riddled)?" asked absolutely no-one. For Sacha has more grifts in his scampire of websites than anyone not called 'Trump', but there is always room for another. So welcome to the 2019 New Earth Festival -- a Gathering-of-the-Tribes / Youf-Radicalising Event at the NewEarth Haven some beach-side bait-shop in Bali, in the manner of Fyre Festival Redux.

On the Island of the Gods
An immersive week long event at the famed NewEarth Haven in Bali
Featuring a line-up of pioneering international speakers and experts addressing the most critical issues facing people & planet whilst delivering on radical solutions
Film, Fashion, Music, Dance, Art….and Frontline Activism!
Ecstatic dance, yoga, traditional Balinese dance & ceremony

After long labours in the Photoshop Forge his graphic-art minions have wrought new logos, though sticking to their house style of spirograph-fucked-a-biohazard-sign mandalas.

Research reveals that there was a 2017 forerunner. If this was hugely hyped by well-remunerated Social-Media Influencers and Thought Leaders through Snapchat and Instagram, I would not know, but anyway it left no footprint on the Interducts other than Sacha's own Faceborg videotics and on-line pantechnicons of stolen artwork.

Né Mr. Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams

By the time we enter the Land of WTF, it is too late to back out of the dumbassery rabbit-hole:

Te Kaha is a Maori Wisdom-Keeper beloved by many including the sisters and brothers of the NewEarth Project, having traveled from his sacred home in New Zealand to Bali, Indonesia for Symposium Workshop and Panel Talks at the Ancient Futures Festival at the NewEarth Haven, 2017.
“As a whaanau we made a choice to return to the Rohe Potai Oo Tuuhoe to grow our tamariki (children) in the ways of our tipuna (ancestors), on land stolen from us at the point of a gun. As a result we live on a mountain, off the grid, home-educating our tamariki (children), rewilding ourselves and regenerating the whenua (land) by planting an abundance of trees, growing our own food with permaculture practices and becoming the voice of the whenua.”
To read more about this extraordinary way-shower Te Kaha, and Pounamu please visit...
Cultural-prostitute scammers. Also spirit animals
WTF? "Wisdom-Keeper"? Way-shower"? Someone trained a neural network on 'Black Elk Speaks', and Grey Owl, and the dialog of every noble-savage character from Rider Haggard novels, and the websites of 17 different cultural-prostitute scammers pimping Vision Quests and Sweat Lodges and Spirit Animals and initiation into ancient tribal lore, to see what it would spew out spontaneously. The outcome was evidently Te Kaha ("The Strength"), who lives sustainably on a mountain in touch with the land, off the grid with only his children and his Whānau and his Faceborg page, webstore and promotional page at Sacha's "NewEarth University", speaking only in Papyrus font. Except when he is accruing air-points with flights around the world, monetarising tribal spirituality and the Traditional Māori Way of Childbirth.

Naturally Te Kaha has a sideline selling greenstone spirit-treasures pendants, which have all the authenticity of a jade vaginal egg from Goop, i.e. likely to be machine-milled Chinese nephrite if not 'cultured stone': he purports to speak for Ngāi Tūhoe ["the first nation people of Aotearoa (New Zealand), representing and sharing the ancient knowledge of his people"], but there is no pounamu in the Urewera region where that particular tribe resides, nor a great tradition of pounamu carving. I would not be too astonished if Te Kaha's real name is Derek and he lives in a nice middle-class suburb in North Auckland when he is not in costume with facepaint moko for imparting wisdom to halfwit Londoners at Māori Childbirthing Seminars.

Of course this is all a digression. But before we proceed, do take a moment to look around the on-line campus of Sacha's NewEarth University, where you can buy a degree in spirituality, and the curriculum features courses in "Owning Your Strawman" (i.e. the usual Sovereign-Citizen flimflam about "Learn this one trick to escape from financial obligations, debts and tax arrears -- Banks hate it!").

The real topic here, relevant to our interests at the Riddled School of Gorse-Flower Ikebana and Bafflegab Appreciation Society, is the "World Health Sovereignty Summit" - a 3-day immersive symposium following the Festival.

Artist's impression of Sacha Stone #2
But wait, there's more! - in the form of a further two days of legal-robe dress-up games from Sacha's ITNJ playmates who have appointed themselves to be a Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Chemtrails. All this and a sex / drugs / music / Balinese-culture beach party for financially-surfeited children, can you feel the synergy?

The Summit is a gabfest of Alt-Med scammers and lobbyists ready to speak out for Fraudster Freedom. Just look at the clown-car cavalcade of mountebanks. Have you ever seen such a shower of charlatans?

One notes on first glance that for the big-hitters in the medfraud industry, the invitation to speak was below their dignity ("Confirmation pending"). But Jim "Bleach Enema" Humble was desperate enough to accept, as was Marco Ruggiero, "inventor of Immortalis Klotho Formula, expected to become recognised as one of the greatest innovations in health-science history". Crivens! Ruggerio comes under the aegis of the Mad Scientist Anti-Defamation League. He and Ruggiero are old associates.

Further down the list, we meet Errol Denton, "Harley Street doctor and blood analysis spcialist who has been targeted and professionally molested by elements within the British medical establishment for his pioneering and highly effective methods of treating cancers and other serious illnesses. He is an ITNJ Expert Witness". Which sounds better than "Unqualified fraudster and convicted felon". Anyway, who wants to be molested by amateurs?

And beside him, Robert O. Young, "one of the world’s most accomplished health science innovators and practitioners... developed methods and products which routinely treat and cure complex health conditions. Targeted by rogue elements within the US medical establishment he is an ITNJ Judicial Commission Expert Witness". Which sounds better than "Unqualified fraudster, fined $105m for talking a customer into painful suicide". I didn't even know that his 44-month sentence was over.

[Left: Uncredited stock art]

[Right: Séraphine Pick, "Easy Living II"]

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TruthSpeaker said...

very interesting expose on this fraudster, Adams, stone or whatever. He's flogging cheap memory sticks to gullible people for £300, but telling them that they will protect them against the evil powers of 5G! What a swine! If anyone would like to participate on exposing his lies to the wider public, please respond to this message and we can discuss further. cheers