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And I am Marie of Roumania #2

Remember Lady Crown, Australian gentlewoman? Of course you do. She featured in a Hoaxtead comments thread.

Née Jennifer Holt, but beguiled by the similarity of the names 'Parramatta' (north of Sydney) and 'Paremata' (north of Wellington), she invented a Maori ancestry for herself... for descent from Polynesian aristocracy is more romantic and possibly more remunerative than being a white-trash failed businesswoman. Now she's selling vaccine exemptions, because of course she is.

Her Purple-Thumb Community website is a Macaronic neologasm of word-coinage. 'Ployment'? 'Suv'eran'? 'Aotearoha'? 'Originee'? Her conversation coach is rubbish. Straight off the bat, you can tell from the egregious spelling, punctuation, capitals and syntax that we have descended the rabbit-hole inhabited by 'Sovereign Citizens' and 'Freemen-on-the-Land'.

Postal & Port Authority
For the ŒTI-CLAIM of the BRACKETS[and italics, parenthesis, quotations] is with the FUNCTION of the COMMUNICATION with the EASE of the CONVEYANCE with the FRAME OF THE [fiction-english-babble]LANGUAGE with this CONSIDERATION by the PURPLE-THUMB-COMMUNITY-PRINCIPLES.

:Postmaster of our Aotearoha Lady-Crown is with these performances of this salvage & tow with this ​cargos/Aotearoha Gold Earth Peace & Love Flag & Aotearoha Blue Flag & Aotearoha Red- Flag & Kotahitanga[united] Tribes Flag of this Correct sentence structure parse syntax grammar performance grammar flag-fact-vessel with this bill of this lade[ing] of this earth/global-postal-treaty & market-trade-port with these join[ing]-contract/treaty-flags by this global-postal-ployment-vessel-treaty.

For the CLAIM of the POSTMASTER-OF-AOTEAROHA: Lady-Crown is with the AUTHORITY by the MAURI-CROWN-AUTHORITY-SEAL: Te Tiriti o Waitangi: 1840.

I, Lady: Crown am the Mauri Crown Beneficiary/Owner/Sacred [A]greement Holder of the [U]nited Tribes Of New Zealand Flag 1834-Kings-Commercial Trading Bank-Tribal Land-Municipality-[A]dmiralty-Kings Creditors-Free Passage 250 Countries Flag & Pound Note Gold Coins & Crown Sovereign Coins & Aotearoha Gold Suv’eran Flag & :TITLE: 4: D.-C.-C.-S.-~1/2/3-C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P.-FLAG-Court Flag & Aotearoha Blue Flag-Relations-Koha-Migration-Sea-Flag: Claim & Aotearoha Red-Military-World- Flag-Claim & Crown-Beneficiary of the 1844 ‘Queen Victoria Trust’ International Monetary Fund for the Pre-Paid Fee-Freight for the Live Life Claims & Sea Pass Claims & Domicile Claims for the Protection & Sovereignty of the People Returning to their Lands with the Authority of our Ports & Sovereign Post Offices, [A]gainst Pirates on the High Seas & Dry Dock, WHO [A]ttempt to come on Our Lands through the Bar/Foreign Courts, Banking & Officers of the Court or Black Robe of Satan to Steal Our Kings & Queens Prize Possessions.

“I, Lady: Crown am with the ENDORSEMENT of ROYAL BLUE BLOODLINES to Queen Turikatuku II & Arikinui Hongi Hika & Arikinui Te Ruiki Kawiti & Pomare & King George III & was ordained by Lady Spider: Ward, by the hand of IO Matua at Rangihou ‘The New Heaven’ & born again on Mount Taratara: North Island: AOTEAROHA. Endorsed by The Kings Bench Magistrate Court Authority & Arikinui-Hongi Hika [in the flesh]-Confederation of Chiefs of AOTEAROHA & Arikinui Tupuna Chief Tira Waikato-Aotearoha Pacific Islands World ‘TE AO HOU’ Crown Bank & Surrogate King William IV : Hoani-Kahaki: Wanoa, House of Aotearoha Paramount Chiefs & Tupuna Potatau Te Whero Whero Kaitwhatu: Hiwaiterangi: Whetu King Charter Land & Paramount Chief Hoori Paerata-Te Wakaminenga o Nga Hapu o Nu Tireni Aotearoha & Whiu Kara-Te Hapu Oneone Ngaitamatuhirae O Omuriwaka Charter & H.E Prince Bungsu MUDAKIR Indonesia & Jingki, Sovereign Queen of Gondwana & Japanangka Tribal Elder-Tribal Sovereign Parliament of Gondwana Land & Originee Elder Nambrimbrii

Explanatory Diagram to make everything clear
The Quantum-Syntax jibber-jabber comes to us from the conceptual corpus of David Wynn Miller, a bonkers form of SovCit ideation, even by their standards. One of its exponents is the bleach-pimp medscammer Leonardo Edwards who has featured here previously. The magikal title of "Postmaster" is from the same source... plagiarised, perhaps, from a shite Kevin Costner fillum.

Adapted from an even shiter David Brin novel
SovCits are unified by a style of wistful thinking (I initially wrote "a belief system", but this creates too strong an impression of coherence and actual system). God-given Natural Law or Common Law or Customary Law or the Indigenous Legal Code of your choice always take precedence over mere nation-state legal codes, is the gist of it.

Once you realise that courts of law are fictions, and you know the secret words that melt them into air, into thin air (leaving not a rack behind), then you are safe from tax arrears and council charges. Child custody will be restored. Criminal charges will be dropped -- or rather, they never existed in the first place. Court rulings are only binding on the sheep-like majority who let them bind. I keep telling people that first we get Enochian characters incorporated into Unicode, then we can publish the Words of Power, the True Names that bind the Sephiroth and dispel the Qliphoth, but no-one ever listens to Uncle Smut.
So the Purple-Thumb Community of Voluntary Cognizance will sell you vaccine-exemption documents, and universal passports, and Postmaster Notary Services, and recognition of your domicile as an Embassy, be it a house or parked caravan or culvert under a bridge. Exemptions to any laws except the ones you accept. But just in case the police do not recognise these documents, hang onto those "Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free" cards from the Monopoly set. Also there are Postal Treaties. The merchandise extends to the proper deckled paper and the magic-purple crayons pens and thumbprint pads that ensure the authority of your documents...
...and mentoring sessions for winning your manumission from corporate fictions such as the State.
Requests for manumission should be addressed to the Vatican
Back when we first met her in 2019, Lady Crown was relitigating her ancestral land claim to 112 acres of New-South-Welsh riverside park-land. Roughly speaking, the claim was that the Rangihou Reserve (and James Ruse and Robin Thomas Reserves) had never really belonged to Samuel Marsden (who ran a boarding school nearby for visiting Maori youths, hence the placename, before he shifted his missionary activities to New Zealand). Thus any subsequent transfers of title -- ending with the reserves in Council ownership -- were irreal, infelicitous. Instead the land had all been gifted by Aboriginal Originee King Corrangie to Crown's highborn ancestors, in a ceremony of such esoteric secrecy and symbolic obscurity that it would be impious to doubt its occurrence.* The truth of this alleged donation was buttressed by Lady Crown's discovery that no land transactions in Australia had ever been legitimate. She was confident that a proper archaeological survey would find the elusive grave-sites that made the land so sacred. The fictitious court was not convinced.

Jennifer Holt-Alexander's first attempt to stake out the land was in 2012. Just speculating here, but it may be that her day-job as a professional nit-picker was (despite sockpuppetry and brownwashing) not as profitable as hoped; nor her alternative career as a small-business mentor/advisor. Her descent into the F-o-t-L intellectual cloaca was already underway in 2013. She subsequently acquired the title of Turikatuku III, reclaiming her true heritage as descendent and reincarnation of Turikatuku (who was senior consort of Hongi Hika, "Māori King" in Jennifer's alt-history). When you're retconning your whakapapa, why stop halfway? Shoot for the moon! Be inspired by Ariki Eru Manukau! She also acquired a faux-feather cloak and faux-ethnic tats, including a chin moko copied from Turikatuku, because it's not "cultural appropriation" or "identity theft" when you're a reincarnate.

The Daily Fail has Jennifer as "an ancestor of Paramount Chief Te Pahi, Maori King Hongi Hika, Queen Turikatuku III and Maori King Te Ruki Kawiti". This is a sad indictment, either of nefarious misuse of the Riddled time machine, or or systematic illiteracy among Daily Heil duckspeakers.

This elaborate alternative universe is spelled out at length in a proliferation of websites and blogs, rife with Worship Words modelled after indigenous-sovereignty movements. Lady Crown is a self-appointed Kaitiaki, a Guardian of the Land, and she is generously willing to guard your money as well. Some people of the human-centipede approach to education take her fantasies seriously as a source of information. Her fanfic was picked up by rightwing tabloids and news-sites as it fits so neatly into their preferred narrative, i.e. "Indigenous campaigns to redress the injustices of colonialism are all just grievance-industry schemes to steal stuff from white folks". Even RNZ went along with the joke. However, NZ Minister Nanaia Mahuta has no time for this bullshit. Nor does this guy.

Te Tiriti / the Treaty of Waitangi is another Lady-Crown Worship Word, although she more recently discovered that it is just another fiction. This, on account of one of its signatory parties no longer existing, what with Queen Victoria vacating the NZ parliamentary gubblement when she died. Creating a power vacuum, which Lady Crown is best qualified to fill, what with being heiress to the Mauri Kingdom.

She seems to have a reasonable following, or Billy TK -- currently NZ's leading conspiracy scammer -- would not be trying to assimilate them into his own Public Party Borg Collective (Mr TK rants about 'sovereignty' a lot and is aware of all SovCit dog-whistles). The attempt did not go entirely to TK's advantage.

All this high-concept grifting may bring John Wanoa to mind. Wanoa, you recall, crowned himself as William IV of NZ and England, on account of the UK losing the Mandate of Heaven and breaking the line of legitimate succession through a failure of proper paperwork back after the reign of William III. His Wanoa-centric delusions are entertaining; also they promised the dissolution of the Westminster regime amid orgiastic scenes of mass execution, in which the Windsor-Battenberg usurpers would be sent packing from Buckingham Palace. Thus they captured the imagination of UK Sovereign Citizens, who quivered in anticipation of his advent in London... which is how it came about that a bemused world was treated to the spectacle of street-protesting brownshirts in London and Dublin wrapping themselves in the flag of the 1834 pre-Waitangi Treaty "United Tribes" grouping (literally!), Wanoa having stolen it as his Ghost-Shirt talisman.

To avoid confusion, I have skipped over the tidal-energy hydrogen-economy Moai-statues aspects of the story.

It is difficult to tell which of Wanoa and Lady Crown is more influenced by the other. The whole milieu is a fluid one, where concerns of 'internal consistency' and 'intellectual property' have no bearing, where ideas and memes are passed (or taken) from hand to hand like semi-sucked lollipops. We do know that Jennifer was already eyeing up the United Tribes and their 1835 'Declaration of Independence' in 2013, wondering how best to integrate it into her artistic practice.
Anyway, just below Queen Turikatuku III in the Purple Thumb totem-pole of equality, at #2, observe Andy Devine -- Greece-based publican, who normally caters to the UK tourist market in the time he can spare from groping his barstaff and recording conspiratorial You-Tubas in his Rantorium (though Brexit and COVID-related travel discouragement might have freed him up to focus on those latter core activities). Back in the pre-COVID epoch he was King John's loudest courtier, and 'Fireman Sam' was concerned that Lady Crown would divide his loyalties.

Andy is either gonna cream his jeans or explode with rage over this Moani usurper/clone/wannabe. Is it gonna be Kings Law/Bench or Queens Law/Bench which comes out on top? Strap your selves in for a bumpy ride folks.

E. R. Eddison reference
Then Wanoa was sectioned, and lost much of his appeal when medication made his delusions less florid, so Devine turned his coat as fast as Lord Gro on a skateboard.

#3 is Ramola D., broadcaster and independent journalist. Let's just say that she is a known quantity in this paranoid-ideation affinity-fraud ecosystem.

It is common enough to find normal people fawning over made-up titles of Māori nobility, even while they despise the titles and other feudal stylings of English aristocracy as a source of embarrassment rather than of pride. Hence the number of Paramount Chiefs in the NZ con-man food-chain, not to forget Lady Crown her highborn self. Sovereign Citizens, though, are more spaniel-like than most, especially vulnerable to the notion that their personal autonomy is incomplete without a by-disgrace-of-god absolute ruler above them. What can I say? Consistency is not valued highly in this philosophy.

In the interests of full disclosure, I note that the Frau Doktorin's mother was clouded of mind in the last few years of her life, and she insisted on addressing me as 'Prince'. It may be that she was under the impression that I am a scion of Danish royalty. The Frau Doktorin reckons that she was more likely to have mistaken me for an ill-kempt German Shepherd.


But wait, things get more bonkers! That response from Lady Crown's camp to the Public Party / Billy-TK camp is more of an ineffably-pompous Proclamation, in which complaints of Lèse-majesté alternate with the signifiers of specious Authority. Evidently it rankled that the fictitious NZ border bureaucrats failed to recognise Lady Crown's Diplomatic Passport (issued by no less an authority than herself) or her self-exemption from the isolation / quarantine protocols for arrivals in NZ. Thus she could not participate in the Decree of the New Declaration of Independence, designed to take the place of that now-defunct Treaty of Waitangi, and issued on the Waitangi Marae grounds on 13 December 2020.
The rest is a less-substantial stoush over who gets credit for the debacle, with sniping about the Public Party's disturbing lack of faith, as shown by their doubts that the Decretion was supported by the Waitangi custodians or governing board. Written in stilted prose in which quasi-Quantum syntax mixes with mere crap spelling, by one Arikinui Heruika ( Alfred James Mitchell), who holds the titles of Attorney-General, Minister for Security & Defence, and Minister for Justice in the Maori Government of Aotearoa, Lady Crown's Government-in-Exile. Also author of that New Declaration of Independence.

The arrant presumption did not go down well with other Maori Governments of Aotearoa. The Government of Nu Tireni, for instance (also trading as the Maniapoto Tribal Govt and The Gazette of Nu Tireni - New Zealand), who exercise sovereignty over various FaceBorg pages and largely-moribund blogs from a house Embassy in Hamilton. They also work in the literary genre of Ineffably Pompous Proclamations (issued in the course of amateurish shake-down scams), making Lady Crown their competitor, so a fusillade of Facebook denunciations and repudiations ensued. A fusillade is what you make if life gives you fusills, which I think are a kind of lozenge.

Another example:
Is a menagaere of confused Australian mozzies, sovereigns, ritualistic cultist, and bi gay lesbian community culturally appropriating the indigenous identity and flag. Is led by Jennifer Holt ( Tarns Holts sister from the Maori Incs) who goes by the name of Lady Crown or Queen Turikatuku II . It is based in Sydney Australia.. Also has claimed to be the Paramata o Baluddari Rangihoua Sovereign Nation, Te Kawanatanga o Aotearoha , and also appropriated the name Te Wakaminenga o Nga Hapu o Nu Tireni but opperating out of Sydney Australia.
Lady Crown and her group were asked to leave Waitangi in 2018 after an incident where her group were wanting to walk around naked and topless during a powhiri. They were recently travel banned coming to our country in an attempt to go to a hui on the 11-13 December at Waitangi by Australian airport officials. Then claimed to have written a document eminnating from that hui to sack the NZ Government.
I for one will be cheering for injuries.

* Clan leader Corrangie did exist, allowing Lady Crown to snatch his corpse for her genealogy without the additional effort of inventing him first.

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