Saturday, December 26, 2009

Football Pundit Magazine talks to Another Kiwi

Football Pundit Magazine: So AK, it seems that Westham United had a win?
AK: Well yes they did  wee laddie, yes they did.
FPM: Is this the "coming right after Christmas" that you have talked of, in the staffroom at work?
AK: It is too early too say for sure but I would think that it could be.
FPM: How did you know this would happen?
AK: Years of experience and a rising feeling of impending doom, really.
FPM: So this often happens with the Hammers?
AK: Not ,as you might say, often but it has happened before.
FPM: Thanks for your time
AK: No worries, remember my fee goes to the Feral Babies Institute, I love those little guys.

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