Saturday, December 26, 2009

Return of the Feral Babies

If comments on an earlier post are any guide, you people have an insatiable appetite for scenes of goat fellatio. If only I could say that I'm surprised. Let's see how long this assuages you.

Both images come from the storyboard for the forthcoming Return of the Feral Babies. I don't want to give away too much of the plot but it probably doesn't warrant a Spoiler Alert to tell you that the critters were not wiped out after all by the nuclear explosion at the end of Feral Babies. They've mutated, and to make up for the loss of their limbs they can now suck blood through their stingers. In the scene on the right, the friendly bat creatures are trying to save the humans, but there are only two of them and there are three babies so you can see that it's not going to end happily.

UPDATE: Some of you might recognise that similar images were linked to a comments thread six months ago on another, more substantial blog. I figure that this counts as crowd-saucing which is apparently all the rage with the cool kids these days.

In the picture to the right, for instance, the would-be busker with the nimbus is lamenting that he doesn't know how to juggle; and even if he did, he doesn't have anything to juggle with. In response to his bleg, his friends have turned up to show him how it's done and to provide him with potatoes to practice with.

"That's all very well," the guy in the sky is saying, "but can any of you provide me with a hang-glider at very short notice, because I seem to have left mine at home when I ventured out."


ckc (not kc) said...

I think that 3rd one is sometimes known as "Praying for a better bullpen."

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Feral babies are the Jews of baby-taming fascism.

Another Kiwi said...
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Another Kiwi said...

In storyboard 1, could the band of movie executives be a little more wacky? them seem a little straight except for the guy in the robe and pointy hat, though even that is pretty subdued.
I don't see a love interest in the story either. Could one of the bat people fall for one of the feral babies and have go on the lam from the disapproving families?
I like the bat people but more could be made of them having ot eat goats and this causing the trouble between them and the feral babies.
Incidentally I don't see a wacky black guy in there, I think it would be good to have someone black in there for a few laughs (who could be killed in a hopeless attempt to save someone) you know "Maaan that some craaaaaaaaaazy batshit goin'on"
Your people, my people, capeesh?

mikey said...

Is it universal that pre-enlightenment european nobility all threw like girls? Or is it more related to the fact that they wore dresses?

Seems a little unsporting to be whupping spuds at a dood who's kneeling TWO FEET from where you are standing AND LOOKING THE OTHER WAY! I'm wondering if the flying Ref in the sky is calling a penalty...

Smut Clyde said...

Wacky? Oh we can do wacky. The guy in the blue who's peeking round the door in the top frame, turns out that he has a problem with compulsive pickpocketing. Hilarity ensues each time he's caught at it and his mates have to dream up new excuses. Here's another frame where he's trying to lift the wallet of the town dentist (you can tell he's a dentist because he has a sign outside his shop with little statues made out of the teeth he's pulled; but a batch of el cheapo glue has washed away in the rain and in this scene the statues are falling apart into separate teeth again, to the dentist's horror). At the moment it's a minor sub-plot but we can build up their parts in the next re-write.

I think it would be good to have someone black in there for a few laughs

Got to be careful with that. In the last remake of the Three Magi story we had a black actor in the part of Balthasar, and he played it for laughs up to the end when he got blown up trying to defuse the booby-trapped frankincense, and you'd think people would be happy, but No. It was all feckin' political correctness, all week.

NOTE: I think it was Hans Memling who first painted Balthasar as a black dude -- up to then the tradition had shown them all as white -- but I could be wrong about that. I could look it up but instead I've spent valuable bandwidth uploading more scanned photographs of goats to update the previous post.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

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I am intrigued by the thought of someone making a comment that they though was beyond the taste of THIS BLOG.