Monday, August 22, 2011

Quintilius Varus, give me back my leggings!

See Arminius. Arminius is angry. See Flavus. Flavus is angry too. Arminius and Flavus bought their fursuits from Quintilius Varus' Furry Emporium. Quintilius Varus said the fursuits were waterproof. But the fursuits shrank when Arminius and Flavus went swimming with the girls. How the girls laughed!

Arminius and Flavus will politely ask Quintilius Varus for their money back.
Varus would borrow the money from the bank, using his stock as security, but since selling the last suit he no longer has a stag to lend on.


Trevor said...

Well, at least that was a mercifully short lead-up to a particularly bad joke.

Smut Clyde said...

"Particularly bad"? I think not.

Trevor said...

I see your point, and withdraw my accusation, which I now recognise to be baseless.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I thought these guys were Jägermeister marketing flacks.

mikey said...

OK, waitaminute here. Just hang on, clear a couple things up for me up front and we'll get on with the story.

Arminius has a spear, and a particularly fine set of antlers (in deer season we would certainly classify Arminius as a "shooter"). But what is that stick he has clutched in his off hand, and of more immediate concern, if not to us than at least to Flavus, what exactly is he poking with it?

Moving on to Flavus, let us not concern ourselves with the fact that his fursuit appears to be wagging its tail, nor with his clear phallic obsession, demonstrated by his "big stick" and his, well, phallus. We really only have one question about our dear friend Mr. Flavus, and that is simply this: That great and brave sword he wears at the ready on his hip? Dear lord, to what, prey tell, is it attached?