Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Persecution and Assassination of Jeff Bradstreet by a Cabal of Conspirators under the Direction of Big Pharma

On an earlier visit to the swirling accretion disk of grift known as GcMAF (the less-known brother of MAFfei 1 and 2), to revel in the delightful personalities encountered there, I wondered why Candice Lee-Bradstreet wasn't blaming magic-molecule-man Mario Ruggiero for the sinister demise of Jeff Bradstreet. And so it has come to pass, IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROPHECY.

"Has it occurred to Candice that the person most motivated to remove J. Bradstreet from the scene was in fact Ruggiero himself, impresario of mystical dairy products?"

A little context is in order for all our new readers. Jeff Bradstreet was a serial medscammer who never saw an cancer- or autism-cure con he didn't like, and here at Riddled Investigative Bureau and Trebuchet Museum we were pointing and laughing at the lowlife cockwomble even before he ventilated his spleen with a bullet. Hilarity ensued that ventilation, in the form of crowd-sourced fund-raising to prove (by way of a private forensic examination) that his death was really MURDER. The instigators were Jeff's brother Thom and sister-in-law Candice, who were not well-pleased with the lack of cooperation from local constabulary... nor with Bradstreet's widow Jennifer, who was disinclined to promote the private-investigation scam scheme. Candice's FaceBorg page was rife with dark speculations on what Jennifer was trying to hide, and reminders that she could clear her name any time by cooperating.
[...] We need Jennifer Lackey Bradstreet to talk to Det. Keever NOW. This video only shows a glimpse of the frustration our family endures with her withholding information from the family. [...] Put yourself in our shoes for a moment, feeling completely helpless, tormented with questions, and tormented that we couldn't be there, before she cremated his body, destroying all evidence and any chance we may have had at a second autopsy [...] Jennifer, if you ever read this, or somebody sends this to you, please know that we never wanted to suspect you. You have every opportunity to come forward and speak to law enforcement and clear your name. We want to believe you, we want to move onto other theories, but we can't do it until you talk. Until you do, you will always remain a suspect.
The original crowd-source goal of $25000 was soon met, and therefore doubled, and the fund had reached $43000 when it was cashed in and dissolved amid folding of tents, without an accounting or anything to show. Some might say that there could be be no tribute more appropriate for Jeff's career of fraud, but such cheap jibes are below us here. There is competition, anyway... Erin Elizabeth's tribute was to solicit funds to make a documentary about her "Great Culling of Quacks" fabulation.

In the absence of talkative informed people and of any actual investigation, one can just make shit up. So here's Amanda Mary "Trail of Bodies" Jewell again (a person of regular interest to Riddled) - still relieving cancer patients of the money they no longer need after taking her advice to avoid real treatment, but seemingly back in Mexico rather than lying about her health resort and New Age University in Belize - with a list of Bradstreet's assassins, taken without credit from an Agatha Christie plot-line.

One thing missing from her account is any trace of an actual investigator's report. There are quotes from anonymous law-enforcement sources, though; and anonymous scene descriptions (contradicting Candice's earlier complaints that the exact location of Bradstreet's suicide was suppressed). Also anonymous reports - freshly forged and still glistening with rectal mucus - of the presence of Jennifer on the scene. The main attributions are the frequent invocations of "the Bradstreet family" as a source, which is to say Candice.*

The post is an extended composition, maintaining a kind of coherence for entire paragraphs without reverting obsessively to the more fascinating topic of Amanda Jewell herself. In fact it would come as no surprise if Candice had written the whole piece herself and puke-funnelled it through Jewell for the same of deniability (vindictive defamation doesn't really fit into her fauxvangelist Christian brand).
Naturally the Big Pharma hit-clans take pride of place in the conspiracy line-up. Evidently, though, they could not be trusted to stage a simple suicide by themselves, and required Ms Bradstreet's assistance (motivated by freshly-fabricated rumours of marital discord). In third place we find Fiona O'Leary (fine person and Friend of Riddled) who really doesn't like Alt-Med fraudsters, especially when they target the autism neurotribe.

Fiona's schedule is already crowded with naming and shaming bleach-enema scum, $cientologists and neo-fascist conspiracy-theory politicians, but she found time to shine sunlight on Bradstreet's various skeezy scams... impacting on his income streams and earning the enmity of his heirs. It isn't clear from the Jewell account whether Fiona left her family in Ireland to participate in the hit, as opposed to involvement through planning and support. The evidence is that she gloated over Bradstreet's demise.

As further provocation, she is accused of embarrassing and bad-mouthing AMJ (and the whole GcMAF industry) to the point that the Saisei-Mirai chain of placebo clinics in Japan will no longer supply their fermented-colostrum variety of ersatz GcMAF, forcing AMJ to resort to a Bulgarian source. It was totally not because someone welched on paying Saisei-Mirai.

The current version of the List concludes with Mario Ruggiero, who was first to grasp the commercial possibility of GcMAF - before he abjured GcMAF as a cure for anything, switching his clinical endorsement to subsequent products like GOleic and Rerum with less-generic names and less-commodity natures, and a greater share of the profits going to M. Ruggiero. Thereby betraying his guilt. Also he is clearly in cahoots with Fiona, as evinced by her lack of hostility towards him.

The target audience for AMJ and Candice is the faith-based Truther flocks, who can be trusted never to check what they are told, for fear of failing a purity test by their disturbing lack of faith. Anyone who does Google outside the bubble will find examples of Fiona condemning Ruggiero as a shameless charlatan in about 20 seconds. Conversely, the records of her gloating over Bradstreet are exponentially harder to find; almost as if it never happened.

Here at Riddled we are disappoint by our own omission from the List. Does a brother have to sign the feckin crime scene to get any credit?

I am not sure how thoroughly Candice has thought this all through. At some point, AMJ will need to up the ante in search of additional drama, by extending the List of conspirators... and who profited more from Jeff's death than Candice herself?
* To be fair to AMJ's post, it is not entirely unsourced, for a "MD Fermin Celma" provides his clinical opinion about the methods of suicide preferred by medical professionals ("euthanasia drugs). Unfazed by the threat of meeting the same fate as Bradstreet,
MD Dr Fermin Celma Simon [...] has thankfully carried on and progressed Dr Bradstreet’s work in his specialised field of Autism.
Needless to say, Dr. Jose Fermin Celma Simon is himself sufficiently fraudulent to qualify to be AMJ's fuckpuppet employee, and his medical views should be valued appropriately. Before that he was working (along with MAJ herself) at La Flor De La Salud quack-clinic / spinal chop-shop.
While working under Dr. Jose Luis Romo, in Puebla, Mexico at La Flor De La Salud, he trained in the specialized areas of magnetic pairing and Voll testing. There, he also studied recovery therapies for many chronic illnesses, bio-cellular medicine, HTA control and the treatment of disc hernias without extensive, invasive surgery
In other news, Candice is currently dosing her husband Thom with AMJ's ersatz GcMAF in lieu of chemotherapy, so we can anticipate yet another charitable crowd-sourcing appeal soon, to pay for the expenses of his funeral.


Anonymous said...

Why is the photo of Md Fermín Celma Simón here in fact a photo of Dr. José Luis Romo; AMJ's old colleague from her flordelasalud days. The photo is definitely of José Luis Romo and I remember Romo using it. lol and more lol
Here is a photo of Md Fermín Celma Simón at work. Even better the photo got a like from Dave Halsall.


Smut Clyde said...

Hi Malarkey! The form in the lower-right corner of the foteau is signed "Fermin Celma" so I am willing ot believe that there is someone of that name. OTOH the desk calendar is '2013' or '2015' so it may not be entirely up-to-date.

I had a look at "Md Fermín Celma Simón"'s Faceborg page ( but it's transparently one of AMJ's sockpuppets.