Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Multi skilling gone mad

Many of us are content to be good at one thing or, if you count falling over when drunk as a  skill, two things.Luckily Nile Gardiner is here to make us all feel inadequate. Revealed in his blog as a movie critic , a Hob Nobber with the intelligentsia and exposer of the Anti Churchill. Now Nile has shown that the murky depths and vicious currents of Economics are no match for his towering intellect.
See how he skims effortlessly across several conflicting tides of reason with statements like
 "the federal government has been recording the largest budget deficits, as a share of the economy, since the end of World War II”
He's quoting the Congressional Budget Office there

And here:
projects that federal debt will reach 62 percent of GDP by the end of this year—the highest percentage since shortly after World War II.
Then with trousers in full spate Nile quotes  
With significantly lower revenues and higher outlays, debt would reach 87 percent of GDP by 2020, CBO projects. ... Debt as a share of GDP would exceed its historical peak of 109 percent by 2025 and would reach 185 percent in 2035.
The column finishes with a pithy summary that lays it all out

With his reckless big government policies, Barack Obama threatens to run his country into the ground, with American decline the inevitable end result.
Two itsy bitsy points
1):The words "World War II" should have brought to mind the fact that 'Merca is in two wars and both are going swimmingly and I imagine Nile loves them both deeply.
2) The debt is not really Obama's unless you consider that it started when he took office in which case the nurses will be around with the Blue pills soon.
Remember folks Nile is a frequent apparition on Fox News and contributer to Mr. Squzzum's Make Believeland.


merc said...

He is absolutely correct, 'Merca (me?) is dutifully completing the job commenced during WWII of cleaning up the whole West and East and North and South BEFORE intermission OKthanxbi.

merc said...

I write this sometime in the past, last night yesterday to be precise, just so you all know my powerz.

Mendacious D said...

I wrote this post simultaneously.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

2) The debt is not really Obama's unless you consider that it started when he took office in which case the nurses will be around with the Blue pills soon.

It'll take mountains of pills to tend to all the Bush-Cheney voters who don't want to remember what they did.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

the lion's share of the deficit is attributable to the Bush tax cuts.

The second largest contributor are the lovely wars.

unemployment benefits? Don't even register. Until, of course, you weight the factors for the potential of non-pasty white people to benefit.

tigris said...

Ha ha, he excised the part of the CBO quote where it specifically said "[m]ore important, CBO assumed for this scenario that most of the provisions of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts would be extended." Nice.

fish said...

Not to worry, the wars are not actually included in the budget. If you pretend it doesn't exist, everything is easier.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Well, George W. Bush took office on 9/12/2001, after Clinton allowed the destruction of the World Trade Center, and left office on 5/1/2003 after accomplishing "The Mission".

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Not to worry, the wars are not actually included in the budget.

teh chart I was looking at, from the Great Orange Satan I believe, included the war appropriations.

mikey said...

Ahh, but now that I'm not getting a check every other week, many people from hither to yon now may breath free, warm and safe in the knowledge that I'm not spending money I haven't righteously earned by doing whatever the fuck I used to do, it's kind of hard to remember now.

I think I used to talk to people on the phone, then poke some buttons on a glowing box, whereupon some OTHER dood (he was an old, somewhat disheveled guy, if memory serves) would give me a check with a bunch of zeros on it and I'd buy booze.

But now? Now, in Islay, Scotland, sales are down and people are being laid off, while the automated factory that makes Sailor Jerry's spiced rum hasn't even noticed the increase in sales, due to the much lower marginal cost of goods.

Sadly, if I talk to people on the phone NOW, and then push some buttons, no old disheveled man comes by to give me money, and the impeccably dressed old doods in congress won't either. So I guess I've gone galt. Or I've gotten galtstones, I'm not sure. But either way it's not good for the economy....

Smut Clyde said...

Now, in Islay, Scotland, sales are down

Cheap Ardbeg!!