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"Roach Motels, Hotel California, and the Noakes-Ruggiero 'First Immune' clinic in Bussigny."
"I'll take 'Places where one checks in but never leaves alive' for $250, Alex"

We have not looked in on Marco Ruggiero lately to check on his recent contributions to the parasitical publishing ecosystem, or which jurisdictions he is currently avoiding.

To recall, younglings, that the last time Professor Ruggiero came under the benignly protective gaze of the Mad Scientist Anti-Defamation League, a panaceal blend of lipids, polysaccharides and Vitamin D had emerged from his workshop, superceding all his previous immortalising products (including previous blends of lipids, polysaccharides and Vitamin D).

There were lingering doubts that imuno® genuinely came with Ruggiero's imprimatur and colophon and foolscap, for distribution was limited to, whose relationship to truth is fraught at the best of times and at the worst the subject of a restraining order. It also remained to be seen whether imuno® would wreak its all-curative miracles by inducing quantum entanglement and relativistic time-dilation effects at the level of cellular chromatin, as was claimed of Klotho Immortalis (that being Ruggiero's most recent product, and totally not a character in a coming installment of The Chronicles of Riddick).
Riddled radar
What brought our friend back onto the radar was the BBC coverage of the Persecution and Execution Imprisonment by the Southwark Crown Court of David Noakes. Much water and medicinal yoghurt has flowed under the bridge since Noakes and Ruggiero were camaradas in the GcMAF Skirmishes, jointly treating cancer patients for financial hypertrophy in a Swiss clinic. But enough connection remains to subject you to BBC prose stylings, which lie limp and recumbent across the screen, unwilling to task readers with more than one sentence per paragraph for fear of stack overflow and coredump:

Noakes, who now lives in Dover in Kent, first encountered GcMAF in 2009, he said, after attending a conference at the University of Ghent while working for ING Bank in Belgium.
The chance encounter would change his life, leading him to take the blood product in 2010 and curing six minor ailments, he claimed in court.
By 2011 he had set up a lab with the aim of producing GcMAF, teaming up with scientists in the UK and the University of Florence in Italy.
Scientists at the University of Florence in Italy

The framing is that of Noakes' defense."A conference at the University of Ghent" sounds serious and academic, more so than "conspiracy impresario Ian R Crane ranting about Big Pharma's genocide agenda at an conspiracist scamboree".

It is also a stretch to describe his lab technicians Rodney Smith and Lynda Thyer (née Banks) as 'scientists in the UK'. Smith's chief qualification for operating an high-affinity chromatography blood-protein-separation facility in a Cambridgeshire barn was his previous half-share in Meridian Brewery, while Thyer's qualification for certifying the separated protein was being the sister of Trevor Banks and Leslie Hutchings (née Banks) -- also employed by Noakes as social-media infiltrators / influencers (in a subplot of the whole intricate saga, they later went off the reservation with their own competing GcMAF scam).

I am disappoint that the BBC skipped over this dynastic aspect of Mr Noakes' legal adventures, all laid out as they are in archival Riddled coverage, though that might have required paragraphs of two or even three paragraphs. I console myself by calling the younglings' attention to the Whackyweedia entry on Mr Noakes. Does its post-February recension draw heavily upon Riddled investigations? I like to think it does. VINDICATION.

Noakes runs the website,[3] and since 2007 has published the free monthly newspaper Westminster News,[54] in which he claimed that Zionists and the German company Siemens control the BBC. He has promoted theories about the Illuminati.[55]
Lede, buried
Let us go back to the trial itself, which is buried within this post, which means that it is probably the lede. Truly the excitement has reached fever-pitch at Southwark Crown Court, with Noakes and his little team of helper elves parsing their sentences in one courtroom, while friend-of-Riddled El Coyote was witnessing an equally hilarity-ensuing trial down the corridor. All that was missing was an appearance from the Twelve Red-Bearded Dwarfs.

Now Noakes had pled pleaded guilty, but the prosecution and defense teams could not concur on some questions of material fact, leaving them for Judge Lorraine-Smith to adjudicate. For instance:

GcMAF: David Noakes 'no scientist', court hears

Does this mean that Noakes contended that he was a scientist? As night follows day, as merciful oblivion follows three pints of Gleamhound's Sobriety Draught, the corollary seems to follow. Alas, there is more to Sciencing than (1) paying the staff to dress up in labcoat cosplay and write a lot of fabricated bafflegab, and (2) signing your name to their word-dumps before paying parasite-publishers to host them on journal-shaped garbage-scow websites. That just makes you an advertiser.

As Dora has helpfully explained [warning: Italian], Mr Noakes' trial dwelled solely on the legality of his business model of extracting and selling a product he believed to be GcMAF... not about the scientific basis of the miraculous claims he made on its behalf ("It is not GcMAF that is on trial"). This is why he was granted only 15 months of Her Majesty's hospitality, rather than the half-decade or so that a more truth-centric conviction might have incurred. One can only hope that he will appeal the sentence out of injured amour propre (and because prison is no place for a gentleman, even it is not that ultimate horror, a French prison) and give the Prosecution a chance to revisit it.

So anyway, after that brief Noakes-themed anabasis, we find our way back to Marco Ruggiero and imuno®, amid joyful shouts of θαλασσα, θαλασσα! In company with Stefania Pacini (Mrs Professor), Marco has so far extruded two communiques about the new product:

The spigot for the former was "Madridge Journal of Vaccines" (editor: M. Ruggiero) -- Madridge [Interconnecting Scientific World] being chancers in Hyderabad who have adopted a tent as their emblem, inspired by its associations of rapid untraceable overnight departures. The latter pukenozzle was "Integrative Cancer Science and Therapeutics" from OAText, more Hyderabad competitors with OMICS. In their determination to out-do OMICS in the field of shameless larceny, the latrine-sloths and shitweasels at OAText have taken to stealing the identities of less-fraudulent but defunct journals... though that is material for another blogpost, mentioned now only as reflecting on the calibre of people who share Ruggiero's stratum.

The points of difference between the new product and the now-deprecated rerum® are (1) the substitution of phosphatidylcholine for oleic acid, and (2) the elimination of Heinz Reinwald (part-owner of rerum IP) from a share of the business. The claims for imuno® have not changed; like rerum, it is protean in nature, a food supplement and a wrinkle-removing face cream and a cure for cancer / autism / chronic fatigue and a floor-wax and a dessert topping.

<meta name="description" content="Buy GcMAF and imuno. Cancer Immunotherapy Support. Cancer Treatment Natural Support. Evidence based natural method. Complementary Cancer Support. GcMAF." />

<!-- Document Title ============================================= --> <title>imuno | Rerum | GcMAF | Cancer | Autism | Chronic Fatigue</title>

The two papers try to stay modest and circumspect, presenting imuno® as an immune-response-boosting adjuvant for as-yet-nonexistent cancer vaccines (much as rerum was to be an adjuvant for DNA-based AIDS vaccines that might emerge into the medscam market). However, Pacini and Ruggiero could not restrain their natural ebullience for long and the OAText advertorial went off the reservation into a rationale whereby imuno® controls one's cellular DNA by way of radio transmission. I am not making this up:

Also 'negentropy' and 'supramolecular structure' and 'protocellular bilayer membranes' and sundry other Worship Words. This novel and stimulating concept of "radio communication with DNA" is an established part of Ruggiero's performative repertoire.

imuno® is produced in New Zealand -- "manufactured in a government certified facility by Imuno Corporation" * -- presumably by Michael Kelly, who also distributes the stuff through and Inquiries into ownership lead (for whatever jurisdictional reasons) to an accountant's office in Port Vila, Vanuatu -- also the source of an application for the 'Imuno' trademark. Neither the NZ nor the Vanuatu company registers show any record of an "Imuno Corporation".

The supply chain has branched out into a network. There are US distributors now!

"Oxygen Health Systems" may be familiar to readers. It is one of numerous grifty little cookie-cutter medscam webstores mass-produced by one Michael Carroll, and receiving quizzical attention from the FDA. "What keeps bringing me back to the GcMAF market is the high calibre of individuals one thereby encounters".

* Coincidentally, Noakes' GcMAF was "made in highly professional sterile laboratories to standards superior than those required by GMP".

[H/t Dora]

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